8 Best Electronic Water Descalers in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Hard water can lead to a myriad of issues in the home, from reduced appliance efficiency to difficult-to-remove, ugly scale deposits on fixtures and faucets.

An emerging soft water solution gaining rapid popularity is the electronic water descaler.

The best electronic water descaling unit can prevent hard water from becoming a nuisance in your home without removing the healthy magnesium and calcium minerals.

These efficient units have no tanks nor require regeneration or media changes. Instead, the electronic descaler features a wire coil, or magnets, you place around a water pipe.

Installation is so simple that most people will install an electronic descaler within 30 minutes, at the longest. All you do is choose the installation location, wrap the cables around your main water supply pipe, and install the descaler on a wall behind it.

Power up the unit, and it works immediately.

These electronic descalers don't create wastewater and use a small amount of electricity to work, so you do your bit for the environment.

After installation, there's no form of maintenance required. No resin to track and no salt to top up—as long as the unit gets a constant source of electricity.

Do electronic water descalers sound like the perfect hard water solutions for your home?

The Best Electronic Water Descalers in 2022

Keep on reading and find out the best electronic water descaler units in the given table and we hope you'll find the best electronic water descaler to improve your water supply quality.

Best of the Best
Capacitive Electronic Descaler
Capacitive Electronic Descaler
  • Stop limescale build up completely
  • No set up GPG limit
  • Easy to install and requires zero upkeep
  • 1-year money back guarantee
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Best Conditioner
Eddy Descaler
  • Designed for well and city water
  • Helps protect your skin and hair
  • Works well with plastic and metal pipes
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Best Energy Efficient
iSpring ED2000
iSpring ED2000
  • Eliminates all limescale deposits
  • Works extremely well at 1.8 watts
  • Ensures healthy mineral in water
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Best Budget
HQUA 5000E
HQUA 5000E
  • Works well for hard water level up to 20 GPG
  • Gradually remove limescale builds up
  • Energy efficient
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Best Design
H2O Elite Labs
H2O Elite Labs
  • Eliminates existing rust and limescale
  • Noticeably extend the lifespan of appliances
  • Easy to install
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Best Tight on A Budget
  • Works well with hard water level up to 25 GPG
  • Has 1,680 gallon per hour capacity
  • Eliminates existing scale in both cold and hot water systems
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Best Affordable Unit
ScaleBlaster SB-75
ScaleBlaster SB-75
  • US-made
  • Well-balanced descaling action
  • Works well with non-magnetic-based pipes
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Best for Restoring Water Pressure
Calmat 1-6004-000USA
Calmat 1-6004-000USA
  • Install-and-forget design
  • Works well with several pipe types
  • Affordable
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To find the right one, we've researched and compiled the top electronic water descalers, their pros and cons, and their essential features and benefits.

1. Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System – Best Electronic Descaler for Hard Water

This Sania Yarna Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler is feature-laden to provide exceptional effectiveness. It works in compact spaces while offering value for money.

Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System
  • Stops limescale build-up completely
  • Doesn't come with a set GPG limit
  • Super easy to install and requires zero maintenance
  • Backed by a 10-year warranty and 1-year money-back guarantee
  • Doesn't remove healthy minerals
  • It may take up to 3 months to work
  • For indoor use only

The Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler is an innovative system from Yarna that uses capacitive technology to treat water hardness. This system has only two copper tapes and a small two-inch electronic component.

Wrap and secure the copper tape wires around the main water supply pipe and connect them to the electronic unit. The unit has a computer microchip for generating and controlling electric impulses going through the copper coils. These coils interact and create a frequency field.

While water flows under the two coils, powerful electrical waves interfere with the mineral molecules. The particles lose their ability to stick and break down into minuscule sizes.

This YARNA descaler transforms minerals like magnesium and calcium into ions. These ions can't adhere to create bonds that form scale, preventing limescale buildup in your appliances and pipework.

The isolated copper impulse bands attach to your pipe firmly. They are wide, flat, and have thin insulation to maximize direct contact with pipes.

This Yarna CWD24 water descaler requires a 120-volt power outlet for efficient operation. Amazingly, it consumes 4 watts of energy, so it won't burn a hole through your pocket when paying electric bills.

Installation is easy. The device needs a minimum 10-inch free pipe space and a maximum 2-inch pipe diameter. You don't need any tools, and the CWD24 is installable on PVC, plastic, steel, copper, iron, and other pipes.

Once connected, the capacitive descaler system requires no maintenance or plumbing work. It will serve you for over ten years thanks to quality materials used and a 10-year warranty.

Bottom Line Get this Yarna Capacitive Electronic Water Descaler System if you're looking for a unit that handles different water hardness levels. View Latest Price on Amazon →

2. Eddy Electronic Water Descaler – Best Descaler Water Conditioner

With a lifetime repair or replace warranty and a seamless 12-month money-return promise, this Eddy ED6002P-US is easy to install on both plastic and metal pipes up to 1.5 inches in diameter. It's a low-maintenance, eco-friendly alternative that will alter the chemical hardness of your water.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler
  • Suitable for well and city water
  • Results show in a matter of days
  • No parts require replacing
  • Environmentally friendly and helps protect your hair and skin
  • Doesn't work well on lead and iron water pipes

The Eddy unit is a straightforward water descaler system that uses electromagnetic waves to stop limescale formation. It has two signal cables and an electronic control box. The cables wrap around the piping on your home's incoming water supply.

Incoming water containing minerals responsible for deposits passes through the signal coils and is subject to an alternating electromagnetic field. The field agitates and hits mineral molecules and alters their adhesive properties while breaking the bonds with water.

Any large mineral crystals that form scale get broken down into tiny particles that will not interact and react with surrounding minerals. The Eddy descaling unit also progressively breaks down and flushes away limescale already in your water fittings and pipes.

The unit runs on electricity and requires a 110-volt power outlet to work. However, the descaler only consumes 5 watts.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler works well with metal and plastic pipes, such as PVC and copper. But don't use it on iron and lead piping because removing scale can cause lead leaching into your water supply.

The manufacturer provides a lifetime warranty on the replacement and repair of the electronic descaler. An additional 1-year money-back guarantee is an indicator of the manufacturer's confidence in the durability and quality of the product.

Bottom Line The Eddy ED6002P-US Electronic Water Descaler model is worth your consideration if you are experiencing fairly high water hardness levels. View Latest Price on Amazon →

3. iSpring ED2000 Whole House Water Descaler System – Best Energy Efficient

The iSpring ED2000 is a smart device that offers a descaling balance between performance and efficiency. It's an ideal salt-less softener for anyone on a budget.

PUR FM-3700
  • Eliminates existing limescale deposits
  • Very energy efficient at only 1.8 watts
  • Works with several types of water pipes
  • Dependable descaling action
  • Keeps healthy minerals in your water
  • Not suitable for water with a 0.3 ppm iron content level
  • Limited to 50 feet

This ED2000 saltless water softening system from iSpring requires no chemicals or excess water to prevent limescale buildup in your household's incoming water pipes.

The unit features a computerized hardness removal system generating complex electromagnetic waveforms that are also frequency modulated. It works on PEX, PVC, and most other water pipes—an excellent bonus.

This iSpring ED2000 system increases water solubility and dissolves the existing scale. However, functionality depends on the quality of pipes and faucets, limescale amount, and appliances.

Because of the descaler's performance, you won't experience new mineral deposits in your water supply lines, faucets, and drainage. The ED2000 has an overall removal capability of 19 GPM, slightly lower than some units on this list.

The descaler can protect 50 feet of plumbing area from limescale buildup. Consider installing another descaler if you have a larger area, so both units work as a chain.

While you can install the descaler yourself, iSpring offers support via telephone and email. It also comes with a manufacturer's lifetime warranty.

Bottom Line This iSpring ED2000 salt-less water softener is perfect if you're on a budget and want a solid option capable of descaling your entire water system. View Latest Price on Amazon →

4. HQUA 5000E Electronic Water Descaler – Best Looking

The HQUA 5000E is an electronic water descaler that uses nature-friendly technology. It neutralizes water without using salt or chemicals, so your water is safe for consumption.

HQUA 5000E
  • Works with hard water levels of up to 20 GPG
  • Gradually remove current limescale buildup
  • Energy-efficient because it consumes only 4 watts
  • Compatible with multiple water pipes
  • Prevents rust and limescale formation
  • Quality control concerns
  • Not waterproof

This 5000E model from HQUA features a complex technology system with frequency-regulated electronic waves that descale hard water. The unit has two cables that wrap around your main water pipe.

Once powered, the primary unit generates electric fields for transmission via the cables. These waves break down the structure of minerals in the water using the resonance process.

Resonance helps break down carbonate crystals, so they lose their adhesive quality and float freely in water as ions. The ions can't stick on surfaces of fixtures, which helps prevent limescale development and enable smooth water flow.

Simultaneously, carbon dioxide from the process continues to dissolve the current scale buildup. However, you might have to wait between one to three months before your pipes and water fittings are clean.

This energy-saving system consumes only 4 watts of electricity. Therefore, it'll cost you about $7 a year to operate the unit. The HQUA 5000E works with a standard 110-volt power supply.

Bottom Line The HQUA electronic water descaler is an excellent option we'd recommend for anyone looking for a decent salt-free water softening system that dissolves hard water issues. View Latest Price on Amazon →

5. H2O Elite Labs EWC-Max I Electronic Water Conditioner – Best Design

The H2O Elite Labs is an inexpensive smart device that works for an entire household. Protect your plumbing and home appliances with this easy-to-install, no-salt, no-maintenance, and chemical-free conditioner.

H2oEliteLabs EWC-Max
  • An excellent whole-house unit
  • Removes existing rust and limescale while preventing new scale from forming
  • It will extend the lifespan of your appliances and faucets
  • Easy to install
  • Might not be the most durable descaler on the market

This H2O Elite Labs electronic water conditioner system is a cost-effective, salt-less unit that ensures water won't harm your clothing or skin. Its minimal and slick design works well in any space.

The water conditioner is one of the few units with an exceptional design. Most products can be an eye-sore when installing them in visible spots—but not this EWC.

Illuminated holes make wire insertion while illuminating buttons show the unit's operation status. A solid red logo means there's a power issue or no coil connection, and blinking red shows you have a water leak.

There's also an audible buzzer sound when the Elite Max I detects a leak. The system has an optional water leak detection module which you install on the floor where there's a possibility for leaks.

You can install the unit on a vertical or horizontal pipe of any type, including PEX, CPVC, PVC, and copper. The EWC-MAX I is University and Laboratory Tested and Certified.

Check the flow rate and hard water levels before installing this model, but it will work with high water levels up to 35 GPG—double what some descaler systems offer.

Easy installation is a favorite if you have minimal DIY experience, so you don't need to bring in a professional. The H2O Elite Labs unit weighs only 2.2 pounds.

Bottom Line The H2O Elite Labs EWC-Max I has, by far, our favorite design but with serious descaling power of up to 35 GPG. View Latest Price on Amazon →

6. Scalesweeper Water Descaler – Best Budget Unit

The Scalesweeper water descaler generates an electromagnetic field that controls hard water minerals to prevent buildup without using chemicals or salt. It offers protection against corrosion and scale building-up inside all water pipes.

Scalesweeper Water Descaler
  • Removes and stops existing limescale
  • Protects your appliances, including heaters and dispensers
  • Treats hard water levels up to 25 GPG
  • No maintenance is necessary and long life
  • Easy installation without professional help
  • Indoor installation and use only

This Scalesweeper system is long-lasting, hardworking, and cost-effective. It works with hard water levels up to 25 GPG, making it a strong contender on the list.

An impressive feature of the system is its protection functionality for pipes, faucets, and appliances such as water dispensers, boilers, and heaters. The unit descales water entering your property, enhancing the performance and lifespan of all these appliances.

The Scalesweeper has a 1,680 gallon per hour capacity, suitable for busy and larger households and offices. Always consider the descaler capacity before buying, so it matches your water needs.

We love you can install this Scalesweeper descaler yourself, without calling in a professional and associated expense. The supporting customer service and guidance are more than enough if you're experiencing difficulties.

The descaler weighs only 2.4 pounds. It requires 18.8 volts to work, so it's not power hungry and will not increase your electric bills. Blue lights on the descaler help you understand potential issues and performance.

Bottom Line e Scalesweeper action starts immediately when you turn it on by loosening the existing scale in both cold and hot water systems. View Latest Price on Amazon →

7. ScaleBlaster SB-75 – Another Affordable Unit

This ScaleBlaster water conditioning system is another computerized unit at an affordable price. It helps solve hard water issues without using chemicals or salt for homes up to 4,000 square feet.

ScaleBlaster SB-75
  • Affordable
  • Fully computerized
  • Easy installation
  • Well-balanced descaling action
  • US-made
  • Not suitable for galvanized or iron pipes
  • Not a good option for homes bigger than 4,000 square feet

The ScaleBlaster manufacturer, Clearwater Enviro Technologies, Inc., promises the unit removes scale on bathroom and kitchen fixtures. Further, soap lathering improves while your skin and hair feel less dry.

ScaleBlaster is recommendable for homes smaller than 4,000 square feet and with moderately hard to very hard water (up to 19 GPG).

Pipe size is up to 1 1/4-inch in diameter. However, the SB-75 works well with non-magnetic-based pipes, such as copper, PEX, and PVC.

Installation involves wrapping the unit's cable around the outside of your pipe. The coverage area is about 6 to 8 inches long, so you can replace the section with a non-magnetic pipe if you have galvanized pipes instead.

The SB-75 produces a wave, causing calcium molecules to collide. So they create large crystals and lose their surface adhesiveness. New “empty” water molecules attract the calcium molecules from current scale deposits.

This ScaleBlaster model takes about three months to descale pipe, depending on the amount of water you're using and the scaling extent. The SB-75 comes with an extendable 3-year warranty.

Bottom Line This Underwriters Laboratories certified SB-75 changes water just enough to avoid the slick soft water feel and the dryness of untreated hard water. View Latest Price on Amazon →

8. Calmat Electronic Anti-Scale Rust Water Treatment – Best for Restoring Water Pressure

The Calmat 1-6004-000USA makes it to this list because it uses the best water descaling technology out there—capacitive impulse. This model is an expensive option. However, its fantastic performance makes it an excellent choice for extensive properties and those concerned about calcium buildup.

Calmat 1-6004-000USA
  • Works with several pipe types
  • Affordable
  • Easy installation
  • Great for ecological balance
  • Not weatherproof

The Calmat system features an install-and-forget design, so zero worries about its maintenance after installation. It does not use chemicals such as salt. This anti-scale unit crystallizes calcium in hard water to prevent buildup in appliances, faucets, and pipes.

Use the treatment system with any type of pipe material because it's not a magnetic water softener alternative. However, you can only use The 1-6004-000USA indoors, limiting some users.

One of the lightest models on the market today, the Calmat system weighs only 1.05 pounds. It comes with a 5-year manufacturer warranty that protects you from workmanship and material defects.

The operating costs of the Calmat 1-6004-000USA are approximately $4 a year, which saves you money compared to traditional systems. It requires only 4.3 watts of electricity to work.

Bottom Line The Calmat 1-6004-000USA Electronic Anti-Scale Rust Water Treatment is rather satisfactory and requires no maintenance. View Latest Price on Amazon →

Before You Buy: The Buyer's Guide to Choosing Right Electronic Water Descaler

The market offers us many great brands, and the difference between each brand is minimal. When purchasing an electronic descaler, the brand is a secondary consideration.

Further, a unit that works for your neighbor may not work for you. It helps to consider your requirements because each home is different.

Here are factors to consider when shopping for the best units.

Current Water Hardness Levels

First, know your water hardness level.

Water testing is affordable and straightforward. Just buy a kit online for between $10 and $20 and follow included instructions to find out the water hardness in Grains per Gallon (GPG).

Soft water has a less than 3.5-GPG rating, medium-hard water is around 3.5 to 7 GPG, hard water will measure between 7 and 10 GPG, and very hard water over 10 GPG. The extreme measurement level is over 17.5 GPG.

The water hardness will help you determine the type of electronic water conditioner to look for.

Type of Electronic Water Descaler

There are three main electronic descalers on the market. Each type comes with its unique set of benefits.

1. Capacitive Electronic Descalers

These descalers are the most effective options on the market but at a high price tag.

The system has two wires and a capacitor for storing energy until it's needed. Capacitive systems are near maintenance-free, and the results are instant.

2. Electromagnetic Water Descalers

A cheaper option is the electromagnetic or magnetic water descaler.

Such systems clip onto your incoming water pipe and generate a magnetic field around it. This field changes the properties of minerals in your water, so magnesium and calcium don't form deposits.

3. DIY Electronic Water Descalers

DIY descalers involve building your unit, which is easy. Follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Find your main incoming water pipe
  2. Locate the best installation position for two wire coils
  3. Wind the coils around the water pipe
  4. Attach the main component to the wall and plug in the coils
  5. Connect the power cable and switch it on

Water Flow Rate

Water flow is essential when buying an electronic descaler because the units work best in areas where water is constantly moving.

Installing the descaler at the main water line before a heater provides your entire home with scale-free water. The flow rate is highest, ensuring the descaling process is most effective.

The best thing is that electronic descalers don't affect water speed like tank-based water softeners will. Water does not go through a series of units and tanks before it gets back to the main water line.

Installation Location

You need adequate space in your preferred installation location. An electronic descaler is the best option when space is an issue.

Install the electronic water descaler close to a power outlet for electricity. However, it could be tricky if the water supply line is far from an electric point.

You need a power outlet at least 5 feet from the water supply. Confirm with the manufacturer if the unit will reach your power source.

Warranty and Certification

A warranty is essential, no matter how much you're paying for the electronic descaler. The warranty protects you in case of a faulty device or if the unit doesn't work as expected.

Purchase a unit from a brand offering a money-back guarantee if you're wary about wasting money. The warranty gives you a chance to try out the descaler and decide if it's right for your home.

The best brands provide a lifetime warranty, replacing the product throughout your ownership. While impressive, note that these water descalers are not subject to wear and tear.

Choose a descaler with certifications to US, UK, and EU standards. Ensure the product comes from a certified company in compliance with current leading safety standards.


An electronic water descaler's efficacy depends on multiple factors.

Of course, the more hard water minerals a conditioner removes, the more effective it is. The best descalers remove up to 25 GPG minerals from your home's water.

Also, consider the efficacy of the conditioner versus a tank-based water softening system. Salt-less electronic water descalers are efficient, but they are not the most effective.


  • How important is it for your entire household to have improved water quality?
  • What is quality water for you?
  • Do you want to reduce limescale only, or is water lather and feel on your hair and skin important?

It may seem counterintuitive when you consider descalers don't remove magnesium and calcium. However, that doesn't mean the systems are not working. Instead, judge efficacy based on the ability to reduce hard water effects and not whether they remove the minerals.

Other Water Treatment Requirements

If there are common impurities such as fluoride, lead, or chlorine in your water, consider getting a water filtration system along with your descaling unit. A reverse osmosis system is especially effective but may be expensive.

A conditioning unit is all you need if you just want to prevent scale buildup. However, buy a filter to use alongside the salt-free system for filtering and conditioning benefits.

Benefits of Installing an Electronic Water Descaler

Installing and using an electronic descaler provides several benefits, including:

  • Helps extend the life of pipework and appliances, such as shower pipes, water heaters, storage tanks, washing machines, and radiators
  • Doesn't influence your water quality by adding chemicals or salt, which is vital for individuals with cardiovascular issues
  • Leaves essential minerals in your water for consumption
  • Affordable pricing and low operating costs
  • And electronic water descalers don't require remodeling your plumbing, and they run unsupervised for long periods

Final Thoughts…

An electronic water descaler is an excellent solution if you're on the market for a device that helps improve the overall water quality of your household.

These units are pocket-friendly alternative water softening units that require zero maintenance. Plus, descalers are one of the most straightforward solutions for homeowner or landlord installation.

There's so much to love about these electronic water descalers.

Hopefully, our in-depth reviews and buying guide gave you everything needed to make a smart buying decision on the best electronic water descalers on the market.

Take your pick of these top electronic water descalers and enjoy softer water in your home.

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