8 Best Instant Hot Water Dispensers of 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Getting into hot water might give you flashbacks to childhood tellings-off, but hot water doesn’t always mean trouble!

After all, there’s nothing better than a steaming mug of tea/coffee on a cold morning.

Or the immediate gratification of instant noodles, nourishment straight from a sachet!

But waiting for the kettle to boil can be a drag – personally, I can’t count the times I’ve boiled a kettle for a cuppa, only to forget about it while the kettle takes its time.

And then to come back to find an empty mug on the countertop. A reminder of my failure – hopes and dreams of a comforting cup of tea, shattered.

Are you looking for a product that gives you perfectly hot water for your teas and coffees, on tap?

Or something that puts the instant back into instant noodles?

Then boy, we do have something for you.

An instant hot water dispenser gives you hot water on demand. These kitchen appliances come in various shapes and sizes – from the under-sink, fully plumbed model to easy-installation countertop systems, there’s an instant hot water dispenser to fit into every kitchen.

The Best Instant Hot Water Dispensers in 2022

You’ll soon find these hot water dispensers are indispensable when it comes to kitchen appliances. Here’s everything you need to know about the top models on the market.

Premium Choice
InSinkErator H-Wave-SN
InSinkErator H-Wave-SN
  • Provides instant hot water on demand
  • 9 easy-to-adjust temp settings (for cooking, cleaning and preparing hot drinks)
  • Generous capacity (60 cup/hour flow rate)
  • Easy installation
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Best For Instant Hot Beverages
InSinkErator F-H3300C
InSinkErator F-H3300C
  • Modern design made with all-brass construction
  • Perfect temperature water for coffee, teas, cleaning and cooking
  • Easy installation
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Best for Teas (Affordable)
Zojirushi’s Hybrid
Zojirushi’s Hybrid
  • Multi-purpose (for instant coffee, teas and hot drinks)
  • 4 desired warm temperature settings (160°F, 175°F, 195°F, 208°F)
  • Quick Temp mode instantly reaches desired drink temp without hitting the boiling point
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Best for Quick Teas & Coffees
Tiger PDU-A30U
Tiger PDU-A30U
  • Heats at 158°F-208°F
  • ⅘ gallon capacity
  • Affordable
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Best 60+ Cups Per Hour
Ready Hot 41-RH-200-F560
Ready Hot 41-RH-300-F570
  • Sensor technology means it never overheats
  • ⅔ gallon capacity
  • Low maintenance
  • Great choice
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Anaheim AH-1300
Anaheim AH-1300
  • Provides 60 cups of hot water/hour
  • ⅝ gallon capacity
  • 1300 watts of power
  • Excellent construction
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Panasonic RA41660
Panasonic RA41660
  • ¾ gallon capacity
  • Rolling boil at 212°F
  • Self cleaning mode
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Best Budget
Chefman Electric Hot Water Pot
Chefman Electric Hot Water Pot
  • Quick heating and reboiling settings
  • 1 ½ gallon capacity
  • Affordable
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Let’s get into some hot water together!

1. InSinkErator H-Wave-SN – Best Under-Sink & Countertop Dispenser

InSinkErator may sound like the latest Dr. Who villain threatening all life on this planet, but in fact this leading brand threatens nothing more than hot water on demand.

InSinkErator H-Wave-SN
  • Easy installation
  • Great value for money
  • Super stylish design
  • Professional construction and BPA-free plastics
  • Spring-loaded faucet as a safety feature

With the H-Wave-SN, InSinkErator has struck a balance between under-sink hot water and easy installation. With its ⅔rd gallon capacity, you’ll be able to furnish any number of guests with teas and coffees or fill up a pan for spaghetti. This is also one of the more affordable instant hot water dispensers – with an included faucet and a sizable tank that won’t break the bank.

And whilst the one-year warranty isn’t breaking any records, at least you’re secure for 12 months.

It's a stylish product with a matte black finish.

Included with the water tank is a faucet from which your hot water flows – this stainless steel faucet should fit the aesthetic of any kitchen – but if you’re particular about taps, its traditional curved design could clash with modern fittings.

In terms of construction, InSinkErator only uses quality materials. The tank is BPA-free and all piping is corrosion-resistant, ensuring your H-Wave-SN goes the distance.

For power, the H-Wave-SN simply plugs in, so make sure you have an AC outlet within reach of the appliance. The tank requires manual refilling, but that means there’s no plumbing required to get it up and running.

However, you’ll have to install the faucet on your countertop to get the water flowing. If you’re DIY-savvy this is a small enough job, but don’t feel handy with the drill, call the joiner.

The faucet has a pipe depth of 2”, so if your countertop is thicker than this then the faucet won’t fit. I recommend measuring your countertop to make sure, otherwise you’re looking at a DIY disaster.

With a generous capacity and a 60 cup/hour flow rate, the H-Wave-SN will have hot water genuinely gushing from your faucet.

There’s a thermostat on the tank that allows you to turn up the heat – it comes set at 200°F, but with a maximum temperature of 210°F, you can have an optimum cup of tea at hand. However, if you need to chop and change temperatures, it can be awkward to reach the thermostat under the sink.

I found it’s better to set and forget, but tea connoisseurs may be frustrated by the faff.

The faucet handle is spring-loaded, meaning you need to hold it to keep the hot water coming. Once you release the handle, it automatically shuts off.

Whilst this puts a little more work in your hot water, it’s a great safety feature that means you can’t accidentally leave hot water flowing.

Bottom Line The InSinkErator H-Wave-SN is an easy-install instant water dispenser that won’t break the bank and probably be the only instant hot dispenser, you'll ever buy. View Latest Price on Amazon →

2. InSinkErator F-H3300C – Best Hot Water Faucet

We loved InSinkErator’s Hot150 water tank, which is why we’re checking out some of their other options. The F-H3300C is InSinkErator’s flagship faucet, a sleek unit for hot water on tap.

InSinkErator F-H3300C
  • Fastest flowing hot water
  • Cold water faucet option
  • Modern design
  • Five-year warranty – think of it as an investment
  • No tank included with the unit
  • Expensive

Thanks to a wider base, this faucet has a powerful flow rate.

But it doesn’t come cheap – this is a top-tier unit for those for whom liquidity isn’t a problem. And the price is for the faucet alone – you’ll be paying for a water tank on top of the price tag.

This is one sleek hot water faucet. Built from hard-wearing brass with a chrome finish, it’s a modern-looking faucet that will fit comfortably into contemporary kitchens.

These are tough materials too – the F-H3300C should survive daily use from the whole family. It feels solid in your hand, and the moving parts swivel seamlessly.

InSinkErator has included a spring-loaded safety feature that prevents the faucet from running without the user, but it’s an intuitive design that becomes second nature to use.

As a faucet-only unit, you’re going to need a water tank pre-installed to have any hot water flowing from this tap.

If you’re already in possession of an InSinkErator hot water tank, then you’ll have no problem fitting this faucet. With another brand, it might take a trip to Home Depot to find the right valve.

Get the toolkit out and you’ll have this faucet installed in no time!

Built as an integrated single-unit, with a handle that controls temperature, the 360-degree mounted swiveling spout can be turned in all directions to facilitate a pour.

The directions for use can feel like learning to drive stick – push forward for cold water, down then back for hot. Wait, is the handbrake on?

But don’t worry – you’ll quickly get used to these controls.

Whilst there’s a spring-loaded safety feature that prevents you leaving the hot water running, this can be overridden on the cold-tap setting. This feature makes this tap multi-purpose and great for your home.

Bottom Line For a hot water dispensing faucet that won’t leave you feeling lukewarm, this is a top-of-the-range choice. Whilst the price tag might put you off, a five-year warranty ensures you’re getting some bang for your buck. View Latest Price on Amazon →

3. Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer – Best For Tea Fiends

Zojirushi have reinvented the kettle to give you instant access to hot water, right on your countertop. However, in terms of cost it’s a lot closer to the under-sink dispensers than the humble kettle…

Zojirushi America Corporation Hybrid Water Boiler And Warmer
  • No hassle with installation – it’s a countertop unit
  • Precise boiling points for a range of purposes
  • Timer features
  • 1 gallon capacity for maximum hot water
  • Manual filling

So far we’ve been exploring the potential for plumbed in hot water dispenser – for piping-hot water straight from the tap, these are hard to beat.

But not everyone wants to call the plumber out before they can make a cup of tea – so let’s explore some countertop units that can bring you hot water in an instant.

Zojirushi’s Hybrid Water Boiler and Warmer is just that.

Water tanks are tucked away under the sink, but the Zojirushi sits pride-of-place beside your toaster.

It’s a good-looking unit with a modern look thanks to a digital display.

The inner tank is a non-stick stainless steel, and the outer chassis is BPA-free plastic. Despite coming with just a one-year warranty, the unit has a solid build that reassures me about a long lifespan in my kitchen.

With a countertop system, there’s no installation necessary. You fill the unit through a lid in the top, and then simply plug it into an AC outlet. Some set-up is required, however – so don’t expect a brew right out of the box.

You’ll want to rinse the inner chamber before use, and then let it bring the water up to the perfect temperature over time. With a full gallon of capacity, it takes around 25 minutes to bring your water to the boil.

Like most contemporary gadgets, it takes time to understand how to make the most of your unit. Wait for a rainy day to curl up with the Zojirushi’s manual, because this hybrid water heater is packed with features.

As well as Regular and Quick Temp modes for heating your water, there is a range of options around timing your water’s boiling point as well as automatic shut off.

You can even set the melody that this boiler plays when it’s time for tea. Tea and a tune? Yes please.

Lastly, since the boiler isn’t plumbed in you’ll be manually filling this unit, but the manufacturers have included a handle to help you shift it to the sink and back. When it’s full, it weighs in at a hefty 15 lbs so make sure you’re up for lugging it across the kitchen!

Bottom Line For tea fiends, the Zojirushi boiler gives you complete control over your hot water, from when it boils to the exact temperature. If you’re barmy about your brew, this is a great choice of countertop hot water dispenser. View Latest Price on Amazon →

4. Ready Hot 41-RH-300-F570 – Best Low Maintenance Model

Ready Hot’s under-sink instant hot water dispenser is a reliable choice and comes with some high-tech features that give you low-maintenance hot water.

Ready Hot 41-RH-200-F560
  • Requires low maintenance
  • Sensor technology means it never overheats
  • Grounded & plumbed in
  • Complex installation
  • A little noisy when heating water

As an under-sink model, you aren’t going to be looking at the Ready Hot 41-RH-200-F560 every day – which is probably for the best.

It has an industrial design that has more in common with a commercial setting than a stylish home, but hey, at least it’s hidden under the sink.

Unfortunately, the thermostat simply ticks from low to high – there’s no way to pinpoint the temperature of your water, which means you lack the fine-tuned control that other units offer.

You can choose to buy this product with Ready Hot’s own included faucet or solely as the heater unit, giving you control over your kitchen. If you pick up the unit on its own, it can be plumbed into any open-vented faucet that takes your fancy.

This instant hot water dispenser needs to be plumbed into your home supply, and then connected to the faucet on your countertop.

For power, it simply plugs into your AC supply – but with 1300 watts of power flowing through this thing, you’ll need to ground it to make sure you’re safe from power surges.

That’s another thing to think about with installation.

If you’re a DIY diva, then you should set aside a day to install the Ready Hot RH-200-SS, but if you’re not comfortable playing around with the electrics and plumbing I’d call in a professional.

Although the installation of the Ready Hot 41-RH-200-F560 has you jumping through hoops, once the work’s done you can relax with a hard-earned cup of tea.

It features a capacity sensor which prevents it from overheating when the tank is empty, and the durable components should never degrade.

However, when the tank is heating water, it can be a little noisy – but that’s a small price to pay for instant access to hot water.

Bottom Line Ready Hot’s Instant Water Dispenser ticks boxes for ease of use and, once installed, there’s no maintenance to speak of. However, the dial-style thermostat and the noise of the unit let it down. View Latest Price on Amazon →

5. Anaheim AH-1300 – Best On A Budget

Anaheim’s AH-1300 instant hot water dispenser is an excellent pick for shoppers on a budget. Despite a one-year warranty, the build quality of this model will give you reliable hot water in your home without breaking the bank.

Anaheim AH-1300
  • Excellent value for money
  • Chic design that fits right into your kitchen
  • Insulation features & energy efficiency
  • Faucet sourced separately
  • The lower max temperature might be inadequate for some uses

Anaheim's chic design will fit in amongst contemporary kitchen appliances. Built with stainless steel, BPA-free plastic and rust-resistant materials, this is a sturdy unit that should give you a good lifespan.

The tank’s insulation is a great added feature because it’ll keep water warmer for longer when it's not in use. This means quicker reheating and lower energy bills.

But if you’re confident playing with piping, you can go ahead and plumb this unit in yourself.

Of note is that Anaheim is selling the tank as a single unit – it doesn’t come with an accompanying faucet.

Once your Anaheim’s in place, it’s time to get hot and heavy! With 1300 watts of power flowing to the unit, it really does heat water up in no time.

The 5/8ths of a gallon tank will provide you around 60 cups of hot water an hour – that’s more tea than even I could drink!

But if you’re boiling up pasta for the whole family, you might notice that the water from your Anaheim dispenser is a little more lukewarm than piping hot towards the end of your pour.

And with temperature maxing out at around 190°F, you might have a more tepid reaction towards the Anaheim AH-1300 yourself.

Bottom Line For shoppers on a budget, the Anaheim AH-1300 is worth a look – not only is this one of the cheaper models on the market, but with added insulation it’ll keep your energy bills down. View Latest Price on Amazon →

6. Panasonic RA41660 – Best For Coffee Connoisseurs

Given this electronics background of Panasonic, perhaps it’s no surprise that this hot water dispenser is more reminiscent of R2D2 than a traditional kettle. Despite a space-age design, this is an affordable countertop hot water dispenser with all the bells and whistles.

Panasonic RA41660
  • Locking dispenser is a great safety feature
  • Self-cleaning mode
  • Natural purification
  • Slow-drip mode for coffee freaks
  • Minimalist design is an acquired taste
  • No plumbing means manual fill

Despite the robotic similarities, it’s a minimalist unit that won’t look out of place in a contemporary kitchen.

From its plastic chassis to the inner stainless steel tank, it’s a robust and well put-together unit.

What’s more, Panasonic have lined the stainless steel inner tank with a Binchō-tan charcoal coating. This traditionally Japanese touch isn’t just a nod to Panasonic’s origins, but it also serves to purify your water as it boils.

One of the benefits of a countertop hot water dispenser is the ease of installation – there’s no need to call the plumber to get your water flowing.

This unit plugs into your AC power supply, so as long as you have a socket within reach you’re good to go.

There are plenty of features on the Panasonic RA41660 but fundamentally it’s an intuitive hot water dispenser.

With a moderate ¾ gallon capacity, there’s enough hot water in here to keep the cups flowing, without it becoming uncomfortably heavy when full.

An electronic display gives you complete control over your water temperature, whether you need cooler water for delicate green and white teas, or you’re seeking a rolling boil at 212°F.

And coffee freaks will love the drip mode – simply set up your filter coffee under the spout and let Panasonic drip away.

Bottom Line Panasonic are an experienced hand and they’ve applied an impressive attention to detail to the RA41660. From in-built purification to self-cleaning and a bespoke coffee mode, this is an impressive countertop hot water dispenser. View Latest Price on Amazon →

7. Tiger PDU-A30U-K Electric Water Boiler and Warmer – Best For Easy Use

Tiger’s countertop hot water dispenser comes with plenty of frills. The 0.8-gallon capacity is good for everything from a cup of tea to getting the pasta on, and the LCD screen gives you an intuitive way to control the many functions.

Tiger PDU-A30U
  • Stainless steel design
  • 3 litre/0.8gallon capacity
  • Auto-locking safety features
  • Multiple temperature options
  • Affordable price tag
  • Manual filling
  • Pretty noisy when bringing water to the boil

With its compact countertop design, the Tiger PDU-A30U-K will fit anywhere in your kitchen. It’s nicely proportioned, standing at 12” tall so it can be squeezed underneath cabinets in smaller kitchens.

The LCD panel gives you easy access to the various functions, and with four temperature settings (158°F, 176°F, 194°F and boiling at 208°F) as well as energy-saving timer settings, you’ll need it.

The black/grey look at stainless steel materials gives it a stylish vibe, unlike some industrial-looking options. This will fit seamlessly into your kitchen collection alongside toasters and modern microwaves. And the Japanese construction is solid and reliable.

Installation couldn’t be easier – simply plug it in and go. The power cord is a good 24” long, so you won’t struggle to find an outlet.

It dispenses water in an easy and, more importantly, safe way through the one-click dispenser spout. This reduces splashing and has an auto-locking safety feature to prevent any accidental flow.

The LCD screen lets you set your preferences, but it also handily shows the water’s current temperature as well as how long you have to wait for your desired temperature. That means you’re never stuck sitting around watching the kettle boil.

The power cord is removable, as is the lid, to enable easy and safe cleaning. Tiger has thought of everything to give you a seamless hot water experience.

Bottom Line An exceptionally easy-to-use hot water dispenser with a good range of functions. Add to that easy installation and easy cleaning and you’re onto a low-maintenance model. View Latest Price on Amazon →

8. Chefman Electric Hot Water Pot – Best For Hot Water Capacity

Chefman has built a hot water dispenser that pairs a big capacity with a little price. Almost 1.5 gallons of capacity make it one of the biggest hot water dispensers on the market for home use – and it certainly wouldn’t be out of place in an office break room.

Chefman Electric Hot Water Pot
  • Quick heating and reboil settings
  • Giant capacity
  • Extra-long power cord
  • Great value
  • Limited settings
  • Single temperature option

Tall, sleek and stylish, this hot water dispenser will fit into any modern kitchen. It’s top-loading with an extra-wide lid to make filling easy, and fortunately, Chefman has included a carry handle as, once filled, this unit can weigh up to almost 20lbs.

It also features a fully 360° swiveling base, which makes dispensing water easy in any setting. On the countertop, you might not find this feature convenient though, which hints that office use was at the forefront of Chefman’s mind.

It’s easy to install – simply fill it up and get it boiling. The power cord stretches to a whopping 48”, meaning that you can plug it into even the most tucked away outlets.

Water is dispensed from the spout at the top of the unit and there’s space around it to fit bowls and pans for when you’re using it for culinary purposes. However, the height of the unit means that hot water travels a decent distance before it will hit your cup, increasing the risk of a splash.

The priority here was hot water, and lots of it: there aren’t many other features. There’s only one hot water setting and no timer options, but the insulated chamber and reboil option mean you’ll never be waiting long for your hot water hit.

Bottom Line By pairing big capacity with a tiny price tag Chefman has built a hot water dispenser that’s great for offices and families, but a lack of extra features limits its functionality. View Latest Price on Amazon →

Buyer’s Guide To Instant Hot Water Dispensers

If you’ve scrolled this far you deserve a cookie! Unfortunately, we’re all out of cookies – but we’ve got loads of instant hot water dispenser facts to share.

Whether you’re gunning for a super-slick under-sink model or a countertop hot water dispenser, here’s everything you should consider before making your purchase.

1. Maintaining Your Hot Water Dispenser

An instant hot water dispenser is an investment, and you want to get the biggest return. Looking after your unit is vital to ensuring a long lifespan, so you’re going to need to clean and maintain the thing occasionally.

When choosing a unit, look for self-cleaning functions as well as in-built filtration to minimize the time you have to spend maintaining your dispenser.

Depending on your water supply, you might need to descale your unit every few months by tossing some bicarbonate of soda in and filling the tank. Flush a few full tanks of water through the unit to get rid of residue and you’ll be good to go!

2. A Matter Of Power

With varying wattage and temperatures, instant hot water dispensers have a wide range in power consumption. Choosing a unit with lower wattage will mean you’re using less energy to run it, but there’s also a compromise on speed and temperature. 

Try to choose a model that meets your needs and not more, otherwise you’ll be going mad with power!

3. Temperature Control

For some of us, hot means hot but for others, the difference between 202°F and 208°F is a ruined brew.

Some units feature electronic displays which allow you to program your water to the exact desired temperature, while others simply use a dial that runs from warm to roasting hot.

4. Filtration and Purification

With a water scare in the news every other week, you want to make sure the water you’re drinking is clean and pure. Fortunately, boiling water is already a step towards clean water as the boiling process kills all sorts of bacteria lurking inside, but for extra protection purification is key.

Some hot water dispensers are lined with charcoal whilst others come with first-class water filters. If purification is your priority then these hot water dispensers have you covered.

5. Warranty

When I don’t have my coffee, I get cranky.

And when my hot water dispenser breaks out of warranty, I get really cranky.

We all want to believe our big purchases will last a lifetime, but accidents do happen. A one-year warranty is standard, but some brands can be relied on for fixing any issues within five years – that’s hot stuff.

6. Water Flow Rate

Let’s be honest, if you’re buying an instant hot water dispenser, you’re not planning on applying patience in the kitchen.

You want hot water, and you want it now!

Nobody wants to wait for an age at the tap as the pasta pot fills – so water flow rate is important.

This will partly be determined by the wattage of the unit, but also by the faucet whether that comes included or bought separately. Pairing a high-powered product with a broad-based faucet will have you and your hot water gushing.

Under-Sink Hot Water Dispenser vs A Countertop Hot Water Dispenser

It’s worth noting that there are two main kinds of appliance on this list – the under-sink hot water dispenser and the countertop hot water dispenser.

Both of these bad boys will give you hot water on-demand, but installation time and hot-water access are some pretty big variables. Let’s take a look at these two instant hot water dispensers.


To truly have hot water on-tap, you can’t beat an under-sink hot water dispenser.

Can you guess where they go?

That’s right – the main unit sits under the sink. Generally, they’ll be plumbed in but some models have manual-fill tanks. In either case, they’re attached to a faucet above your sink and the hot water flows free.

For instant access to hot water, what could be better?

But this accessibility comes at a cost of installation. You’ll be drilling holes in your countertop, measuring pipes and often calling in the plumber.


The other style of hot water dispenser we’re checking out is the countertop option.

These are more aligned with familiar kitchen appliances, from the toaster to the kettle. Rather than plumbing in, you’ll need to manually fill them and water is dispensed into mugs or pans from the spout.

If you don’t fancy a DIY project, then the countertop option will appeal to you – no installation necessary. But say goodbye to hot water on-tap, as you’ll be filling up from the dispenser instead.

Things To Consider When Making Your Decision

1. Efficiency  

Everybody wants to be green these days. Not only do you save the planet, but you save your wallet too as your energy bill comes down. When it comes to efficiency, it’s all about how you use it. Under-sink hot water dispensers are highly efficient because they only heat your water once – the water is insulated at the required temperature until you use it.

On the other hand, if you’re only using your dispenser for the odd cup of tea, heating a tank can be overkill and a countertop option lets you fill up as needed.

2. Appearance

For modern kitchens, a clean look reigns king. The brilliance of an under-sink hot water dispenser is that it blends seamlessly into your kitchen design: boiling water, straight from the faucet.

Many countertop hot water dispensers are stylish and modern, but if minimalism is your thing then then an under-sink unit will appeal.

3. Time Saver

When you have boiling water plumbed in, it’s always available on-demand. Whether you fancy a hot cup of tea or just want to get pasta on the boil, installing a hot water faucet gives you instant access. Some countertop models have preprogramming functions that let you set them up ahead of time, but ultimately you’re adding an extra step with a countertop model.

4. Accessibility 

With an under-sink hot water dispenser, you’re tied down – your hot water is coming from the faucet. Whilst this gives you hot water whenever you want it, you’ll be traveling to the sink for access. Countertop units are portable and can be set up anywhere you have A/C supply. Perfect for parties and business meetings alike.

5. Capacity 

Both under-sink and countertop models have a wide range of capacities. Under-sink tanks tend to be larger, so if you’ve got a tea-thirsty family, these faucets can keep the hot water flowing. Countertop models come in all shapes and sizes, from gallon-giants to space-savers.

Final Thoughts…

When you’re getting into hot water there’s a lot to consider. And no, I don’t mean which swimsuit you’re wearing in the hot tub!

As we’ve seen, you’ve got plumbing and installation to think about, or whether a countertop model will fit into your kitchen.

An under-sink instant hot water dispenser is the ultimate in efficiency. Boiling water straight from the tap is real 21st-century stuff, and for anyone seeking the ultimate in modern kitchens it’s a tempting choice.

Countertop instant hot water dispensers are also a breeding ground for innovation. Brands like Breville and Panasonic have reinvented the kettle, meaning you can have hot water on hand without the hassle of installation.

Whether you’re choosing a countertop model or installing a hot water dispenser under your sink will depend on your budget and your needs – whether you’re a tea fiend or a coffee fanatic, and how many mouths you have to feed.

Instant hot water dispensers – yeah, they’re hot stuff.

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