8 Best Sediment Filters for Well Water in 2023 – Clean and Safe

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If you use well water, you may need a sediment filter to remove particles and impurities.

Well water can contain sediment such as sand, minerals, rocks, or organic material from plants or microbes. These contaminants can come from erosion, the drilling process, or deteriorating well components. Up to 60% of well water may be contaminated with sediment that can be harmful for household consumption. (1)

There are many sediment filters available on the market, with options ranging from small to large-scale models. In this article, we will review the best sediment filters for well water on the market. These sediment filters can help remove sediment from your well water, providing clean, great-tasting water without damaging your plumbing or introducing microbes into your home.

Top Sediment Filters for Well Water in 2023

1. iSpring WGB32B – Best for Removing Chlorine

The iSpring WGB32B 3-stage filtration system is a good choice for removing chlorine, junk, and harmful particles from water. It's a worthwhile addition to household appliances.

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  • Affordable price, once compared to other products
  • The user manual and customer service are very helpful in installing the product
  • Flushable and reusable for the entire house
  • The brass reinforcement head makes the product durable
  • The filters often do not sit well into the canister

The iSpring WGB32B is a high-quality polypropylene sediment filter that removes up to 99% of chlorine and sediment, making household water clean and pure to drink. It includes carbon block filters for maximum efficiency.

Installing and maintaining the iSpring WGB32B is easy. Simply follow the instructions in the manual and review the YouTube video links to install the filter at the main water supply line. It will instantly filter the entire water supply of your household.

One key feature of the iSpring WGB32B is that it allows healthy minerals to remain in your water while removing harmful additives. This way, you can be sure you are getting the best water possible.

If you need any support during the installation or maintenance process, don't hesitate to contact customer support. They offer an extended warranty and lifetime tech support.

Bottom Line If you need a large-scale filtration system, the iSpring WGB32B is a good option. It effectively removes sediments from your water without breaking the bank. View Latest Price on Amazon →

2. DuPont WFPF-38001-C – Best for Easiest Filter Changes

The DuPont WFPF-38001-C filtration system operates at maximum pressure. It increases the overall clarity of the entire home's water by reducing sediment, junk, and dirt.

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  • The ability to view the water quality is an added plus
  • Easy to view the settlement build-up
  • Flushable, easy to maintain, and reusable
  • Extremely affordable
  • It is made of plastic, which is not as durable once compared to competitor products
  • The threaded openings are quite big

The DuPont WFPF-38001-C sediment filter ensures that your household has access to clean, drinking-grade water. It also helps to extend the life of appliances that process water regularly, such as dishwashers and washing machines.

The design of the DuPont WFPF-38001-C is meant to be user-friendly. It has a built-in by-pass valve in the housing head that operates smoothly and stays in place without causing any issues. As water passes through the filter, it circulates throughout the entire housing.

One of the key features of the DuPont WFPF-38001-C is that you don't need to shut off the main water supply when changing or cleaning the filter. Instead, you can easily replace the cartridges, saving you time.

This DuPont WFPF-38001-C model has a universal design, making it versatile and easy to upgrade when newer filters become available. It won't break the bank to do so either.

Bottom Line DuPont WFPF-38001-C is an affordable option for anyone who wants to add high-quality sediment cleaning to their water filtration system. It's budget-friendly and is the most affordable option on the market. View Latest Price on Amazon →

3. iSpring WSP-500 – Best Reusable Filter Model

The iSpring WSP-500 water filter system is a highly durable option on the market. It's a part of a multi-stage filtration process and is made with solid, lead-free brass. This ensures long-lasting use without rusting.

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  • High portability and sleek design
  • The dual-thread option is extremely helpful in ensuring well-rounded filtration
  • Very easy to install and maintain
  • Removes all coarse sediments from water without hassle
  • Not the best at removing iron sediments
  • Has a smaller filter, which is prone to clogging

The iSpring WSP-500 is a sediment filter that uses a 500-micron stainless steel mesh to remove fine sediments like dirt and gunk. It can handle water with pressure between 20-100 PSI and temperatures of up to 100°F.

One of the standout features of the iSpring WSP-500 is that it can be reused. Simply flush the filter regularly to keep the water clean and clear. The filter is also see-through, so you can easily monitor the filtration process and know when to clean it.

In addition to removing sediment, the iSpring WSP-500 can also be used with a water softener to provide clean, fresh water that won't harm your appliances or introduce sediment into your home.

Bottom Line The iSpring WSP-500 sediment filter for well water offers powerful sediment filtration to give you pure, nourishing drinking water. Keep in mind that it does come with a price tag. View Latest Price on Amazon →

4. Aquaboon BB- 20B – Best for Durability and Longevity

The Aquaboon BB-20B water filter system is a high-quality, large capacity product. It's suitable for big households with heavy flow and instantly purifies an entire load of incoming water. The water filtration process is a one-step process.

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  • Easy and affordable installation
  • Filters last almost a year, which is very convenient
  • Has a 5-micron filter, making the process of filtration very fine
  • Heavy-duty products are made from durable materials
  • Does not have threaded holes, adding an extra step in the installation process

The Aquaboon BB-20B filter system is made of high-flow polypropylene (HFPP) for added stiffness and long-term use. The rest of the structure, including the opaque sump, is made of stainless steel for durability and resistance to chemicals.

The Double O-Ring design provides a better seal to prevent water from leaking out, especially under high pressure. This helps to keep everything in place.

This Aquaboon BB-20B filter system is compatible with many other systems and filters on the market, making it a versatile choice for ensuring a consistent supply of clean water.

Bottom Line The Aquaboon BB- 20B filtration system has a large capacity of 100,000 gallons of water. It also has an innovative double o-ring design that ensures pure water down to the very last particle. View Latest Price on Amazon →

5. Culligan WH-HD200-C – Best for High-Quality Construction

The Culligan WH-HD200-C is best for large-scale installation. It can support the water supply for an entire house. It purifies incoming water by removing dirt and sediments, including both large and fine particles.

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  • It is certified and tested vigorously by WQA
  • Purifies water instantly
  • A transparent exterior makes it easy to keep track of the purification
  • The installation process is difficult once compared to competitor products
  • Teflon tape is required to hold the product in place

The Culligan WH-HD200-C filtration system is designed to protect your water-based appliances from impure water and rusting. It has been tested and certified by the WQA against NSF/ANSI-372 for low lead compliance and material safety, ensuring the durability and longevity of the product.

This filtration system is suitable for use in temperature ranges of 40°F to 100°F and can handle a pressure range up to 125 psi, making it a heavy-duty option that outperforms many competitors.

The Culligan WH-HD200-C comes with several useful features, including a by-pass shut-off valve, integrated bracket designs, a battery-operated filter change timer, and additional accessories that are not often included by other brands. The installation process is made easy by the inclusion of stainless-steel reinforced inlet and outlet connectors.

Bottom Line You won't have to worry about impure water in your home when you install the Culligan WH-HD200-C filtration system. View Latest Price on Amazon →

6. iSpring WSP-100 – Best for User-Friendly Model

The iSpring WSP-100 is a top choice for a sediment filter for household plumbing systems. It effectively removes dirt, sand, and sediment to protect your entire system.

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  • Very sturdy and long-lasting product
  • The dual thread option is very helpful for household installation
  • Water pressure regularizes easily after installing the filter system
  • Clogs up quickly if it is not cleaned out often

The iSpring WSP-100 filter system is easy to clean and maintain due to its flushable design. The filter can be reused if a sufficient workload is not placed on the fine filters.

Installing the iSpring WSP-100 filter is straightforward, even for those without any technical expertise. The instruction manual is easy to follow, and the see-through housing allows for easy visual monitoring.

This filter is user-friendly and a great choice for homeowners. However, it is important to note that fine water filters should not be used with rough water, as premature clogging may occur. The iSpring WSP-100 works well as a multi-stage filter for home water supplies.

Bottom Line The iSpring WSP-100 has an extremely user-friendly design, making installation quick and easy. Anyone can install this system at any time. View Latest Price on Amazon →

7. Membrane Solutions WPP-F10 – Best for High-Capacity Filters with Less Changes

The Membrane Solutions WPP-F10 water filter is made from food-grade polypropylene materials. It's 100% BPA-free, ensuring non-toxic and pure water filtration. Additionally, this filter is odorless. It comes with a warranty for your peace of mind.

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  • The filter needs replacing only once every six months
  • Standard universal size
  • The string wound filter has a deep graded honeycomb structure, which is effective for deep filtration.
  • The cartridge is not universal, as advertised

The Membrane Solutions WPP-F10 sediment filter is designed to be a string-wound cleaner with a high capacity for holding dirt. It's rated to be four times more effective at removing sediment than competing products.

This filter is able to remove 99% of sediment, including rust, silt, and sand, providing your household with clean drinking water and pure water for appliances.

In addition to its strong sediment-removal capabilities, the Membrane Solutions WPP-F10 has a high flow rate, allowing it to have a longer service life without the need for frequent cleaning. This makes it a practical choice for households with impure water running through their pipes.

The Membrane Solutions WPP-F10 is also popular in the food and beverage industry, providing professional-quality water similar to that of major distributors.

Bottom Line The Membrane Solutions WPP-F10 universal water filtration system is a great choice for homeowners who want to minimize hassle. This system removes all sediment. View Latest Price on Amazon →

8. Culligan WH-S200-C – Best for Ease of Installation

The Culligan WH-S200-C is suitable for medium-sized housing. It can purify a good amount of water pressure and intake without being overloaded.

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  • Ideal for small or medium homes
  • Convenient transparent housing allows monitoring of the water purification process
  • The by-pass valve makes changing the filter easier without turning the main water source off
  • Weak around the thread due to soft plastic material

The Culligan WH-S200-C filter system uses a point-of-entry design to purify the entire water supply for your home, reducing sediment, dirt, sand, and silt.

Made from high-quality soft plastic, the clear housing allows for easy monitoring of the water purification process and enables the user to easily clean the filter when necessary.

Installation is simple with the included accessories: valve-in-head by-pass, filter life timer, inlet and outlet, and housing rims.

Bottom Line The Culligan WH-S200-C is a budget-friendly sediment filter suitable for small to medium-sized homes. It provides clean and pure water without breaking the bank. View Latest Price on Amazon →

A Buyer's Guide to Choosing Perfect Sediment Filter for Well Water

Don't make a purchase until you understand sediment filters for well water. Given below are the ins and outs of sediment filters for well water, including different types and key factors to consider before making a purchase.

What's Sediment Well Water Filter?

A sediment water filter is a device that's designed to remove sediment, such as dirt, sand, and other particles, from well water. Sediment filters can be used to improve the clarity and cleanliness of the water, as well as to protect other water treatment equipment, such as water heaters and appliances, from damage caused by sediment.

Sediment filters can be installed at various points in a well water system, including at the well head, at the point of entry to the home, or at individual faucets or appliances.

Sediment filter for well water
sediment filters on the sink

Protecting Your Water from Hidden Sediment Threats

Sediment in your water can contain contaminants such as fluoride, lead, magnesium, arsenic, and other heavy metals. These can cause health problems. To determine the level of sediment in your water supply, test your raw water and use the results to analyze the number of contaminants in your water supply and choose an appropriate filtration system.

Types of Sediment Filters for Well Water

There are several types of sediment filters available, including spin-down filters, cartridge filters, and sand filters.

Spin-Down Filters

Spin-down filters work by spinning water around a mesh core, directing it down and outwards. This traps sedimentary elements in the mesh and allows clean water to pass through.

Although this is a good way of removing all dirt and debris caught up in the water, using a spin-down filter can significantly decrease overall water pressure, making it difficult for homes to perform everyday tasks. If your house experiences low water pressure, we suggest not installing a spin-down filter.

Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters use gravity to do most of the work, allowing it to pass through a mesh net where sediments and debris are collected. As a result, clean and pure water passes through it. However, cartridge filters can become clogged easily. To prevent this, it's recommended to change the cartridges every few months.

There are two types of cartridge filters available in the market: pleated and spun cartridges. When looking for a specific filtering media that has a higher micron rating, we recommend opting for a pleated cartridge filter. It helps trap large particles and removes most contaminants in your water supply.

With that said, if you want a more thorough cleanse, perhaps for drinking water, we recommend using spun cartridge filters. Spun cartridge filters are cylindrical filters with different mesh layers, allowing each layer to properly clean out the water, purifying it of all types and sizes of sediment.

Key Factors to Consider When Buying a Sediment Filter for Well Water

Before jumping on the bandwagon of buying a sediment filter, there are some essential factors about the product that you must consider before making your purchase. They are as follows:

Micron Rating: What You Need to Know

The size of the pores in the filter mesh is measured in microns and determines the size of sediment particles it can remove from the water. Sediment filters come in different micron levels. That can be as low as 1 micron and as high as 25 microns. A lower micron rating, such as 5 microns, will effectively remove larger particles like sand, silt, and sediment. A 1-micron rating will remove even smaller particles such as bacteria and cysts.

Keep in mind that a filter with a lower rating will be more effective at removing small sediments, but may also be more prone to clogging if the sediment size is large. Accordingly, it's vital to choose a filter with the right micron rating!

Materials Matter: Construction and Durability

When shopping for a sediment filter, look for ones made from high-quality and durable materials. These filters are usually made from polypropylene, cellulose, and stainless steel.

Polypropylene is a popular choice due to its durability and cost-effectiveness. Cellulose filters are mainly used for their high dirt-holding capacity. However, when it comes to withstanding high-temperature and corrosive environments, stainless steel filters are a suitable choice.

Flow Rate: How Much Water Can It Handle?

The flow rate of a sediment filter is the amount of water that can flow through it in a given time period, usually measured in gallons per minute (GPM). It's important to consider as it determines the amount of water a filter can handle.

For example, a flow rate of 15 to 20 GPM would be suitable for a larger household with a high demand for filtered water, while a flow rate of 10 GPM would be suitable for a small family of four with moderate demand.

Pressure Drop: What It Means for Your Water Flow

Pressure drop is the amount of pressure lost as water flows through a sediment filter. Sediment filters with low-pressure drops require less energy, prolong the filter's lifespan and reduce the energy needed to pump water. A sediment filter with a pressure drop of 5 psi is considered low, while a pressure drop of 10 psi is considered high.

Capacity: How Much Sediment Can It Remove?

Consider the size and functionality of the filtration system you are interested in purchasing. If you live in a small to medium-sized home with limited water usage, you don't need a large-capacity sediment filtration system that's expensive. Instead, look for a system with lower capacity, good functionality, and a more reasonable price.

For example, a sediment filter with a capacity of 10,000 gallons would need to be replaced less frequently than one with a capacity of 5,000 gallons.

Compatibility: Will It Work with Your Other Water Treatment Systems?

Sediment filters can be used as an additional stage with other advanced water treatment systems, such as water softeners, reverse osmosis systems and ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems, to achieve different filtration goals.

So, make sure that the sediment filter you choose, is compatible with the other multi-stage well water filtration systems in place, so that water can flow through them seamlessly and without any issues.

Maintenance and Cleaning: How Easy Is It to Keep Your Filter Running Smoothly?

Proper care and maintenance are crucial for prolonging the lifespan of your sediment filter. Choose filters that can easily be cleaned by backwashing or by simply replacing the cartridges without the need for professional help. This feature also saves time and reduces the mess of cleaning the filter by hand.

Opt for filters with see-through exteriors to monitor the filter's performance and determine when maintenance is needed. This will allow you it's time to clean or replace it.

Warranty: Protecting Your Investment

Consider purchasing products with a long-term or extended warranty, preferably a lifetime guarantee, to ensure you don't constantly have to invest in new filters. Home appliances, including sediment filters, may develop issues at some point. While high-quality sediment filters for well water may come at a higher price, a warranty can give you peace of mind.

Ease of Installation

Easy installation is an important factor to consider when buying a sediment filter. Most filtration systems can be easily set up by the average homeowner, but some can be more complicated. Avoid purchasing sedimen filtration systems with numerous parts that may require professional installation, which can be costly.

Sediment Filters for Well Water – FAQs

How Do Sediment Filters Work?

Sediment filters work by removing impurities from well water as it enters a home's main water supply.

The filtration system is attached to the main water supply and as water flows through, the filter captures and removes particles such as dirt, silt, rust, and sand. This results in a cleaner and purer water supply for the home.

Which Sediment Filter Do I Need?

It depends on the unique make-up of your water supply. To determine which filter will work best, review the buyer's guide carefully. Consider factors such as water pressure, water supply, and usage details.

Do Sediment Filters Remove Iron?

It depends on the sediment filter you are purchasing. Some sediment filters do remove iron, whereas others do not.

What Micron Sediment Filter Is Best For Well Water?

For optimal filtration in well water, select a sediment filter with a micron rating between 5-30. Lower micron numbers indicate better filtration.

The Bottom Line

Well water has numerous health benefits making it more desirable than city water for many homeowners. It also contains fresh and natural minerals, making it a better choice than municipal water. However, not all well water is perfect and can cause damage to pipes and plumbing systems. A sediment filter for well water can provide clean, great-tasting water without harmful additives. Choose a suitable filter for your home to protect your family and pipes.

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