Best Sediment Filters for Well Water in 2022 – Reviews and Buying Guide

If you use water from a well, your home probably needs a sediment filter for well water.

Although well water can be significantly healthier for you than city water, it still can contain sediment.

However, well water is nearly 60% contaminated with sediments that can prove to be potentially harmful for household consumption. (1)

Many well water sources can contain sediment with sand, minerals, rocks, or organic material from plants or microbes. The reasons for these elements in your well water can vary, coming from erosion, the drilling process, or even deteriorating well components.

Thankfully, there are dozens of options for sediment filters in the market today. However, many brands claim they are the best for your home. There is a model to suit any use, from small to large-scale sediment filters.

Read on to discover which sediment filter for well water is best suited for you and say goodbye to sediment once and for all.

The Best Sediment Filters for Well Water in 2022

Removing sediment from your well water can still provide great-tasting water without harming your plumbing or introducing microbes into your home. Here are our best sediment filters on the market today.

1. iSpring WGB32B 3-Stage Water Filtration System – Best for Removing Chlorine

For someone looking to remove the maximum amount of chlorine, junk, and harmful particles from water, the iSpring WGB32B 3-stage filtration system is a viable addition to household appliances.

iSpring WGB32B
  • Affordable price, once compared to other products
  • The user manual and customer service are very helpful in installing the product
  • Flushable and reusable for the entire house
  • The brass reinforcement head makes the product durable
  • The filters often do not sit well into the canister

This high-quality polypropylene sediment filter removes up to 99% of chlorine and sediment, making household water clean and pure to drink. The carbon block filters included ensuring maximum efficiency.

The filter is easy to install and maintain. All you must do is read the manual given with the product and review the YouTube video links to install the filter at the main water supply line. After installing the filter, it will instantly filter the entire water supply of your household..

One vital aspect of the iSpring WGB32B model is how it allows healthy minerals to remain in your water while removing harmful additives. This way, you are sure to have the best water possible without worries.

If you require any support during the installation or maintenance process, do not hesitate to contact customer support, as they offer an extended warranty and lifetime tech support.

Bottom Line If you’re looking for a large-scale filtration system without worrying about the price tag, this is your best bet at flushing out all the sediments present in your water. View Latest Price on Amazon →

2. DuPont WFPF-38001-C Filtration System – Best for Easiest Filter Changes

The DuPont filtration system operates with maximum pressure and increases the overall clarity of the entire home’s water by completely reducing sediment, junk, and dirt.

DuPont WFPF-38001-C
  • The ability to view the water quality is an added plus
  • Easy to view the settlement build-up
  • Flushable, easy to maintain, and reusable
  • Extremely affordable
  • It is made of plastic, which is not as durable once compared to competitor products
  • The threaded openings are quite big

This unit ensures that the household gets a supply of clean, drinking-grade water but warrants extended life of appliances that process water regularly, like a dishwasher and washing machine.

The design is made to enhance the product’s likeability. The by-pass valve is built-in the housing head, easily gliding and staying in its place without causing any hassle. As water passes through the filter, it circulates throughout the whole housing.

Most importantly, when changing and cleaning the filtration system, you don't need to shut off the main water supply. Instead, you can easily replace the cartridges, which saves a lot of time.

This DuPont WFPF-38001-C model sports a universal design for versatility. When newer filters come out, it is simple to upgrade your system without spending more time or bleeding your wallet with significant costs.

Bottom Line Being the most affordable and budget-friendly option in the market, this water filtration system is for anyone looking to add high-quality sediment cleaning at a low cost. View Latest Price on Amazon →

3. iSpring WSP-500 Water Filter System – Best Reusable Filter Model

One of the most durable water filtration systems in the market, the WSP-500 water filter system is a portion of a multi-stage filtration process. It is made with solid, lead-free brass that ensures long-lasting usage without rusting.

iSpring WSP-500
  • High portability and sleek design
  • The dual-thread option is extremely helpful in ensuring well-rounded filtration
  • Very easy to install and maintain
  • Removes all coarse sediments from water without hassle
  • Not the best at removing iron sediments
  • Has a smaller filter, which is prone to clogging

iSpring WSP-500 is made with 500-micron stainless steel mesh which supports fine filtration. The filter instantly removes sediments like dirt and gunk. This sediment filter easily supports water with pressure sitting between 20-100 PSI at temperatures of 100°F.

The best part? You can reuse the filter. You can regularly flush the filter to ensure that the water is properly maintained. As the water filtration product is see-through, you can check when to clean out the filter. Plus, this feature allows monitoring of the filtration process.

Use the iSpring WSP-500 model with your water softener for clean, fresh water that will not wear out your appliances or carry sediment into your home.

Bottom Line Powerful sediment filtration is guaranteed, giving you a great taste of nourishing and pure drinking water. However, this sediment filter for well water comes with a price tag. View Latest Price on Amazon →

4. Aquaboon Water Filter System – Best for Durability and Longevity

The high-quality Aquaboon water filter system is a large capacity product, suitable for big households with heavy flow, ensuring that an entire load of incoming water is instantly purified. The water filtration process is a one-step process.

Aquaboon Water Filter System
  • Easy and affordable installation
  • Filters last almost a year, which is very convenient
  • Has a 5-micron filter, making the process of filtration very fine
  • Heavy-duty products are made from durable materials
  • Does not have threaded holes, adding an extra step in the installation process

The filter system is made of high-flow polypropylene (HFPP). That adds stiffness to the product, warranting long-term usage. The rest of the structure, including the opaque sump, is made using stainless steel, which adds to its durability and makes it resistant to chemicals.

In addition, the Double O-Ring design is included for a better seal. It ensures that the water does not get out of the product, especially when flowing with high pressure. That keeps everything in place at all times.

This Aquaboon model is compatible with dozens of other systems and filters in the market. This versatility ensures that you will never be without clean water when you need to change filers or make adjustments to the system.

Bottom Line With a large capacity of supporting up to 100,000 gallons of water paired with an innovative double o-ring design, this filtration system warrants pure water down to the very last particle. View Latest Price on Amazon →

5. Culligan WH-HD200-C – Best for High-Quality Construction

Best for installation at a large level, the Culligan HD200 can support the entire house’s water supply. It purifies the incoming water for dirt and sediments, from large particles to smaller and finer particles.

Culligan WH-HD200-C
  • It is certified and tested vigorously by WQA
  • Purifies water instantly
  • A transparent exterior makes it easy to keep track of the purification
  • The installation process is difficult once compared to competitor products
  • Teflon tape is required to hold the product in place

Once installed, the filtration system ensures that your water-based appliances are also kept protected from impure water and rusting.

This filtration system is tested and certified by WQA against NSF/ANSI-372 for low lead compliance and material safety, warranting the overall durability and longevity of the product like no other in the market.

Built for temperature ranges of 40°F up to 100°F, this Culligan model is ideal for your everyday needs. It can handle a pressure range up to 125 psi, supplying a heavy-duty model that other competitors cannot match.

The Culligan HD200 includes a by-pass shut-off valve, integrated bracket designs, battery-operated filter change timer, and added accessories that are seldom included by competitors. Most importantly, the stainless-steel reinforced inlet and outlet connectors make the installation process a whim!

Bottom Line No need to worry about supplying your house with impure water when you’ve installed this filtration system. View Latest Price on Amazon →

6. iSpring WSP-100 Sediment Water Filter – Best for User-Friendly Model

The iSpring WSP-100 is an ideal frontier water sediment filter, protecting your entire household plumbing system from dirt, sand, and sediment.

iSpring WSP-100
  • Very sturdy and long-lasting product
  • The dual thread option is very helpful for household installation
  • Water pressure regularizes easily after installing the filter system
  • Clogs up quickly if it is not cleaned out often

The filter system is flushable, making it easy to clean and maintain the filter. You can reuse the same filter, provided that you take a considerable workload off the fine filters.

It is designed to be user-friendly, especially when installing the water filter at home. Any layman can get the installation job done by going through the instruction manual. Moreover, the see-through housing provides easy visual monitoring, making the filter extremely indoor friendly.

This safe and reliable model from iSpring is an excellent choice for homes that require an easy-to-use product.

Homeowners should ensure they do not install fine water filters with rough water, or premature clogging may occur. This WSP-100 model works great as a multi-stage filter for your home water supply.

Bottom Line It comes with an extremely user-friendly design, making the installation process a quick and easy task. Anyone can install this system at any time! View Latest Price on Amazon →

7. Membrane Solutions Water Filter – Best for High-Capacity Filters with Less Changes

Made from food-grade polypropylene materials, the membrane solution water filter is 100% BPA-free, warranting non-toxic, odorless, and pure water filtration.

Membrane Solutions Water Filter
  • The filter needs replacing only once every six months
  • Standard universal size
  • The string wound filter has a deep graded honeycomb structure, which is effective for deep filtration.
  • The cartridge is not universal, as advertised

Designed to be a string-wound sediment cleaner, the filter has a massive capacity for holding dirt, which is rated to be four times that provided by competitors.

It guarantees to clear out about 99% of sediment, including rust, silt, and sand. As a result, your household gets a supply of clean drinking water and pure water for your appliances.

On top of that, the flow rate of the PP sediment filter is double, allowing for a longer service life without the hassle of constantly cleaning out the filter every other week. Hence, if you have impure water running through your pipes, this filtration system is all you need.

This model from Membrane Solutions is a popular choice in the food and beverage industry, giving you the same professional-quality water that you would get from major distributors.

Bottom Line For homeowners that want to avoid the maximum hassle, this universal water filtration system is an ideal addition that removes all sediment. View Latest Price on Amazon →

8. Culligan WH-S200-C – Best for Ease of Installation

The Culligan WH-S200-C is suitable for medium-sized housing precisely because it can purify a good amount of water pressure and intake without being overloaded.

Culligan WH-S200-C
  • Ideal for small or medium homes
  • Convenient transparent housing allows monitoring of the water purification process
  • The by-pass valve makes changing the filter easier without turning the main water source off
  • Weak around the thread due to soft plastic material

It uses a point-of-entry design to keep the entire water supply for your home fresh and free from sediment.

Hence, this filter system makes sure that your family has a purified fresh water supply throughout the house by reducing sediment, dirt, sand, and silt from the incoming water supply.

Made from high-quality soft plastic, the WH-S200-C has a clear housing, making it easy to monitor the water purification process at all times. Similarly, the see-through exterior enables the user to observe the maintenance level of the product, easily cleaning it out when required.

The best part? The filtration system is super easy to install. It features all the accessories you require to DIY, including valve-in-head by-pass, filter life timer, inlet and outlet, and housing rims.

Bottom Line Best for small to medium-sized homes, this is a budget-friendly offer for those who want clean and pure water without compromising the price. View Latest Price on Amazon →

The Buyer's Guide to Choosing Right Sediment Filter

It is also crucial to know the different types available in the market, make an informed choice, and buy the top sediment filter for well water. There are two main types of sediment to purify well water, each of which has further categorization.

1. Spin-Down Filters

Made to spin water around the mesh core, these filters direct water by pushing it down and outwards. As a result, all sedimentary elements are trapped in the mesh while clean and pure water passes through.

Although this is a good way of removing all dirt and debris caught up in the water, it significantly drops the overall water pressure, making it difficult to continue with everyday work. So, if your house has an issue around low water pressure, we recommend opting out of installing a spin-down filter.

2. Cartridge Filters

Relying on gravity to do most of the work, cartridge filters let water pass directly through the mesh net, where most of the sediments and debris are collected. As a result, clean and pure water passes through it.

However, cartridge filters often get clogged up easily. To ensure that this does not stop you from purifying water that enters your household, you might need to change the cartridges every few months.

There are two types of cartridge filters available in the market: pleated and spun cartridges.

When looking for a specific filtering media that has a higher micron rating, we recommend opting for a pleated cartridge filter. It helps trap large particles and removes most contaminants in your water supply.

With that said, if you want a more thorough cleanse, perhaps for drinking water, we recommend using spun cartridge filters. Spun cartridge filters are cylindrical filters with different mesh layers, allowing each layer to properly clean out the water, purifying it of all types and sizes of sediment.

Sediment filter for well water

Why Should You Be Worried About Sediment In Your Water?

There are a few water sources for households where well water is the only option. Well water can potentially be full of contaminants such as fluoride lead, magnesium, arsenic, and other heavy metals that can cause several health problems.

To discover the extent of sediments present in your water supply, perform a test on your raw water. The test will help you analyze the number of contaminants in your water supply and choose the right filtration system.

What to Consider When You’re Buying A Sediment Filter for Well Water

Before jumping on the bandwagon of buying a sediment filter, there are some essential factors about the product that you must consider before making your purchase. They are as follows:

Durability and Longevity

Look for sediment filters made from high-quality and durable materials. Most manufacturers list the expected life of their filtration system. Often, life expectancy gets listed based on the amount, usage, and pressure of the water supplied to your house.

Remember! The mentioned life expectancy of filtration systems is just an estimate. If you have highly contaminated well water supplied into your household, the chances are that whatever filtration system you install lasts you no longer than a year or two. 

Ease of Maintenance and Cleaning

Like any machine, without proper care and maintenance, even the best sediment filter for well water is prone to quick wear and tear. Hence, you need to consider the maintenance process for all the filtration systems you come across.

Look for products that offer a flushable feature. With this, you can easily flush and clean out your filter, reusing it without having to invest in purchasing new filtration systems constantly.

Plus, this feature reduces the time it takes to clean the filter by hand, reducing a mess. Opt for see-through exteriors so that you can identify the perfect maintenance and cleaning time.

Installation Process

Amongst the most important aspects of buying a sediment filter is its installation. Fortunately, most filtration systems are easy to set up by the average homeowner in a few moments. However, installing a select few can prove to be a real ordeal.

The last thing you want is to purchase a complicated system with tons of parts and end up paying hundreds of bucks to set it up.


No matter how good the quality of your sediment filter may be, home appliances are prone to developing issues at some point. The best sediment filters for well water are in the higher price bracket, putting a dent in your wallet.

To ensure you are not constantly investing in buying new filters as the previous ones break down or rust away, consider purchasing products that offer a long-term or extended warranty, preferably a lifetime guarantee, for ultimate peace of mind.

The Right Microns Rating

Sediment filters come in different micron levels. That can be as low as 1 micron and as high as 25 microns.

The size of pores in a sediment filter mesh gets measured in microns, which chooses the size of the sediment particles it can remove from the water.

If you’re looking for the best sediment filter for well water, it is ideal that you look for a lower micron rating. That is especially true because well water can contain fine sediment particles that are not visible to the naked eye, such as bacteria.

Remember, the lower the filter's micron rating, the smaller its pores. That makes the product more effective at removing small sediments, thus, giving you clean water free from all impurities.

However, another aspect you must consider is that if the sediment size is large, then purchasing a filter with a smaller micron rating is likely to clog your filter.

Accordingly, it is vital to choose a filter with the right micron rating!

Filtration System Size and Functionality

An important factor that many buyers seem to overlook is the size and functionality of the filtration system they are interested in buying.

If you live in a small to medium-sized home with limited water usage, you do not need a 100,000-gallon capacity water filtration system that costs a fortune!

Instead, you can invest that money into finding a filtration system that does the job well with lower capacity, improved functionality, and a more feasible budget. Look out for material, cleaning and maintenance serviceability, and longevity.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How do sediment filters work?

The primary purpose of a sediment filter for well water is to help clean out your home water supply.

You simply attach the filtration system to your main water supply, and as water comes in, the sediment filter removes small and large impurities. As a result, your home gets a supply of clean water that is free from dirt, silt, rust, and sand.

2. Which sediment filter do I need?

That entirely depends on the unique make-up of your water supply. To determine which filter will work best for your household, review the buyer’s guide carefully, including the water pressure, water supply, and usage details.

3. Do sediment filters remove iron?

It depends on the sediment filter you are purchasing. Some sediment filters do remove iron, whereas others do not.

4. Do I need a sediment filter for well water?

Yes. It is strongly suggested that if your water supply comes from well water, you must install a sediment filter.

5. What micron filter is best for well water?

When choosing the best sediment filter for well water, we recommend buying micron ratings that are low in numbers. The lower the numbers, the better the filters. Look for a micron rating between 5 and 30.

The Last Word…

Well water has numerous health benefits that make it more desirable than city water for many homeowners. In addition, with its fresh and natural minerals, this water source is usually a better choice than what you get from municipal water treatment plants.

However, not all well water is perfect and can cause damage to your home’s pipes and plumbing system.

Finding a sediment filter for well water can provide great-tasting water without harmful additives.

Choose a suitable filter for your home today so your family and your water pipes will thank you.

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