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8 Best Water Filters for Apartment in 2023 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Having clean drinking water is essential. The CDC reports over 7 million citizens annually fall prey to waterborne illnesses that result from drinking contaminated water – often from the tap. (1)

However, the simple addition of a water filter can purify your drinking water – even if you rent an apartment.

Perhaps as a renter, you thought you couldn’t install a purification system, or maybe you think your space is too small. However, there are water filters ideal for apartments so you don’t have to drink tap water that potentially has high PFOS and PFOA concentrates. (2)

Numerous apartment water filtration systems are compact enough to fit in a small apartment kitchen, and we’ve compiled a list of best of the best.

Some common apartment water filters include reverse osmosis devices, under-sink filters, whole-house filtration devices, charcoal sticks, and faucet attachments.

No matter your budget or the size of your kitchen, we have a filter system that can work with your apartment. Get ready to enjoy refreshing and contaminant-free water with the following filters.

The Best Apartment Water Filters in 2023

Apartment Water filtration system can make the difference between safe, healthy drinking water and a trip to the hospital.

Best of the Best
  • 5-stage filtration system filters large volume of salty water
  • Drastically reduces water hardness level
  • Great value for money
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Best Under Sink
iSpring RCC7
iSpring RCC7
  • Filter more than 99.9% of harmful contaminants
  • NSF certified
  • Filters up to 75 gallons per day
  • Premium quality construction
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Best Dispenser
Brita Extra
Brita Extra
  • Holds up to 18 cups of filtered water
  • BPA-free and portable
  • Affordable price tag
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Best Countertop
APEX MR-1050
APEX MR-1050
  • 5-stage filtration for deliciously tasting water
  • Maintain high quality pH levels (7.3 to 8.5)
  • Compact footprint
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Best for Alkaline Water
Seychelle pH2O
Seychelle pH2O
  • 8 cup capacity
  • Gets rid of plenty of nasty chemicals
  • Affordable price tag
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Best Entire Apartment
  • Reduce descaling and lines build up
  • Extend the life of equipments
  • Long service life
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Best Tankless
  • Removes up to 99% of contaminants while adding healthy minerals
  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
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Best Affordable Pitcher
Brita Stream Cascade
Brita Stream Cascade
  • 12-cup maximum capacity
  • Deliciously tasting water
  • Affordable
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Here is the best water filter for apartments on the market.

1. APEC Water Systems ROES-100 – Best Overall

This 5-stage system from APEC offers a unique advantage to filter large volumes of silty water while protecting against harmful contaminants. The product is excellent for users living in communities with hard water. It drastically reduces water hardness and can turn 600 ppm water into 10ppm.

APEC Water Systems ROES-100
  • 5-Stage filtration system
  • Comprehensive installation accessories
  • Long-lasting service life
  • Compact equipment
  • Affordable
  • Requires special tools for installation
  • Challenging to get replacement filters

This filter for apartments consists of a multiple layer screening system that includes:

  • Pre-filter
  • Particulate filters x2
  • Microfilters x2

The product uses reverse osmosis to filter are like workhorses, constantly removing heavy contaminants like chlorine.

With APEC, you are almost guaranteed extra fresh, clean, and excellent tasting water that's suitable for drinking straight from the tap, cooking, or making tea and coffee.

Additionally, the product is designed and manufactured exclusively in the United States with premium materials for longer service life. APEC is the best overall on this list because it's a high-quality filter for apartments that doesn't break the bank.

WQA certifies the apartment water filter to eliminate up to 99% of contaminants, including:

  • Fluoride
  • Barium
  • Cadmium
  • Chromium
  • Arsenic
  • Copper
  • Lead
  • Radium (226/228)

The ROES-50 uses multiple carbon filters, including a 0.001-micron Reverse Osmosis membrane, to produce safe water for family applications, unlike other reverse Osmosis products.

It's a compact device suitable for small apartments and condos and will fit in the smallest spaces. You'll be using a magnifying glass to find something to complain about even though the installation isn't for the faint of heart. That said, you may want to sit back and allow a professional to handle the installation.

Bottom Line A dependable, reliable, and affordable apartment water filter provides long-term value. View Latest Price on Amazon →

2. iSpring RCC7 – Best Under the Sink

This product is arguably the best under sink water filter for apartment on the market. The RCC7 is certified by the National Science Foundation and can filter more than 99.9% of harmful contaminants.

iSpring RCC7
  • Compact design
  • Transparent housing
  • Premium components
  • May spring unexpected leaks

It's no surprise American cities are notorious for foul-tasting water, but this filter significantly improves water quality. The secret is its five-stage filtration system that consists of CTO and GAC filters working together to eliminate large and small contaminants.

The sediment stage one housing is reinforced and transparent allowing you to see how it removes the impurities from your water. An advantage of this transparent housing is it gives you an idea of when to replace the filter before problems come up. The water filter can take your devolved solids from 570 down to 50ppm.

Additionally, the equipment can filter up to 75 gallons of water daily. You'll love that the installation is more straightforward than many competitors with colored tubing that makes it easy to DIY. The iSpring water filter is a piece of ingenious equipment that requires minimal extra accessories.

Interestingly, iSpring provides filtered water that tastes better than what you get at water stations in town using the reverse osmosis system. If you find it hard to install with the manual, this YouTube video provides excellent information.

Bottom Line The product is manufactured with high-quality materials for a longer shelf life at low maintenance costs. View Latest Price on Amazon →

3. Brita Extra Large Water Dispenser – Best for Dispensers

An excellent solution for small apartments, the Brita extra large water filter dispenser holds up to 18 cups of water, allowing you to replace 1800 plastic bottles yearly.

Brita Extra Large Water Dispenser
  • Electronic indicator
  • Portable
  • Affordable
  • The filter has no O-ring causing water to leak

It's as effective as any premium water filter you'd find on the market, eliminating toxic chemicals like lead, chlorine asbestos, and benzene. (3)

The dispenser has an electronic indicator that alerts you when parts need changing. However, the standout feature is its portability. The water filter is helpful in the apartment but is also an excellent addition for camping and other outdoor activities.

Moreover, you'll find a long last filter that is 3x more efficient and provides great-tasting filtered water for up to six months. The water dispenser is easy to fill up and stores excellently well. You can get up to a gallon of fresh filtered water every 30 minutes.

Additionally, the Brita UltraMax is BPA-free and small enough to fit inside your fridge. The dispenser removes contaminants and eliminates odors that ensure you have water that tastes great and is odorless.

The product is also easy to clean and maintain to get pure fresh water every time. Like any other great product, there are sure to be drawbacks. There have been some complaints about the filter not aligning correctly inside the dispenser.

The best solution is to turn the Brita water dispenser upside down as you insert the filter to line it up perfectly.

Bottom Line A water filter suitable for wide applications and ideal for reducing the carbon footprint on the environment. View Latest Price on Amazon →

4. APEX MR-1050 – Best for Countertop

It's pretty standard for regular well water to harbor contaminants like viruses and bacteria. However, the APEX MR-1050 has a 5-stage filtration process to remove such harmful substances, including chloramine radon benzene alongside other heavy metals.

Apex APEX MR-1050
  • Mineralizes your water
  • Eliminates plastic bottles
  • Compact design
  • Affordable
  • The filter is difficult to change

Additionally, the water filter raises your water Alkaline levels by introducing ingredients like Potassium, Magnesium, and Calcium. The equipment has a broad application and connects seamlessly to your faucet.

Alternatively, you can install it on your kitchen countertop beside the sink. Unlike other products on this list, the Apex water filter is straightforward to install with minimal components. Its purpose is to save you the cost of buying disposable bottled water, thereby reducing the carbon footprint on the environment.

Be mindful to ensure an adapter fits your faucet; otherwise, it's not going to work. That said, you should never forget to change your filter every six months for optimal use.

It's interesting to find users complaining about the smell and taste. Alkaline water isn't like regular water. It's pretty standard for the Apex water filter to produce water with a slightly bitter or metallic taste due to minerals like calcium and potassium.

Some of the advantages of alkaline water include:

  • Accelerates metabolism
  • Slows aging process
  • Improves enhances
  • Reduces osteoporosis
  • Helps digestion

That said, if you don't like the water smell or taste, you should consider purchasing a different product. Standard water filters make water acidic with pH levels around 4.0. However, the Apex Alkaline filter makes your water safe, with pH levels that range from 7.3 to 8.5.

Bottom Line An exceptional water filter for excellent tasting alkaline water. View Latest Price on Amazon →

5. Seychelle pH2O – Best Alkaline

If you're interested in safeguarding your health and that of your loved ones, look no further than the Seychelle pH2O water filter.

Seychelle pH2O
  • Boosts water pH
  • Improves hydration
  • Compact design
  • Replacement filters are expensive

Unlike other products that will increase your water pH for a short while, the Seychelle water pitcher filter leverages its 20 years of experience to design an Alkaline filter that gives you indefinite alkaline water on demand.

The product is tested and trusted to rid your water of the following:

  • Asbestos
  • Chromium 6
  • Arsenic
  • Fluoride
  • Benzene
  • Mercury
  • Chloroform
  • VOCs
  • MTBEs

It's a portable product suitable for your fridge or any small space. The eight-cup capacity is excellent for small families or couples and provides twice the filtration capacity and storage of many water pitcher filters on the market.

Interestingly, if the water level sits at the same level as the filter, your water pH will be similar to the tap water levels. Ensure the water stays below the filter to enjoy alkaline water consistently.

The Seychelle Pitcher is affordable and provides long-term value and rivals reverse osmosis systems for alkaline water levels. While the filters are unused, wash them out at least twice to ensure the water is clear from filtering debris.

Bottom Line It takes a few minutes to filter the water but otherwise an exceptional product to save cost. View Latest Price on Amazon →

6. Aquasana EQ-1000-AST – Best For Bigger Households

Aquasana's superior design consists of a dual tank, including a water softener devoid of salt. Unlike other water filters prone to leaking, Aquasana comes with O-rings to tighten the filters and prevent water spills.

Aquasana EQ-1000-AST
  • Reduces descaling
  • No line buildup
  • Great tasting water throughout the house
  • It doesn't reduce total dissolved solids
  • Installation requires a professional

One of the few drawbacks of this product is it's incredible as a water filter but doesn't score top marks as a water softener.

Still, it makes your water super delicious and clear. The carbon filter also gives the water some polish while reducing buildup. It's worth mentioning you need to change the Pre-filter every few months to keep your water consistently clean.

Additionally, using a professional for the installation or Aquasana will void the warranty is of utmost importance. This water filter isn't for you unless you have a huge apartment. Aquasana water filter is also ideal for people living in areas with high chlorine levels.

It rids your water of chlorine, ensuring you don't absorb it through your skin. It's a whole-house system perfect for large households and a long service life to give you great value.

Bottom Line A workhorse water filter that could be better with a water softener. View Latest Price on Amazon →

7. APEC Water Systems RO-CTOP – Best Tankless Water Filter

This product is another reverse osmosis water filter from APEC. The RO-CTOP is a premium device with a 4-Stage filtration system. One of the best water filters for apartments, R.V.s, college dorms, and mobile homes.

APEC Water Systems RO-CTOP
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Upgradable to remove chloramines
  • Mineralizes water
  • Easy to install
  • It only fits standard faucets
  • A 3-stage system with pH

It's a tankless device that is easy to install and maintain. Thanks to the push-fit fittings that require minimal tools, the filter is easy to change. The faucet adapter fits seamlessly with most standard faucets without any hassles.

It instills confidence to find a filter that will remove up to 99% of contaminants while adding healthy minerals into your water. What sets this apart from most filters is it only adds calcium which improves the smell and taste of the water, unlike other Alkaline Water.

However, the flow rate isn't that amazing, and it can take some time to fill up. It also takes around 20 gallons of water to flush out the water filter before you can use it and it's best you do so to enjoy high-quality and clear water.

However, users complain it spills water during the fill-up process. The solution is to monitor the process and switch it off once complete. This method also allows you to keep track of your water consumption.

That said, this APEC system is a bit pricey even though it delivers the goods. If you have time on your hands, it's better to purchase the individual parts from the manufacturer and assemble them yourself.

Bottom Line A water filter that works well despite its pricey nature. View Latest Price on Amazon →

8. Brita Stream Cascade Water Filter Pitcher – Best Affordable

Introducing the Brita Stream Cascade. This water filter with a pitcher has a 12-cup maximum capacity and constantly filters to ensure you don't wait to drink water. It's less than $50 and saves you significant sums of money in bottled water costs.

Brita Stream Cascade Water Filter Pitcher
  • Compact footprint
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Clean contaminant-free water on demand
  • The filter works only for the Brita water pitcher
  • Slow flow rate

In addition to your apartment, the product is suitable for the outdoors and allows you access to clean, drinkable water in the wild. That said, the flow rate could be faster. Interestingly, there are two types of filter pitchers.

The filter as you fill and filter as you pour. The filter as you fill takes a longer time because you need to wait for the entire water batch to screen before drinking. However, the filter as you pour option allows you to pour before filtering all the water.

So, unlike other products in its class, the Brita Cascade is more convenient. It's also lightweight and suitable for seniors. The water also pours at the same rate and prevents spillage when kids tip it over. The electronic indicator is handy and allows you to change the filter at the right time.

The product filters water at a slower rate when the water level is low. Ensure you keep it topped off to maximize the value.

Bottom Line A fantastic water pitcher with a filter for those who aren't in a hurry! View Latest Price on Amazon →

The Buyer's Guide to Choosing Best Water Filter for Apartment

What's the best water filter for an apartment? Well, there are quite a few things to consider before you go shopping. (4)

How to Choose the Best Type of Apartment Water Filter

Water filters come in various types. Some are easier to install, and others take less space.

Pitcher Filters

The pitcher filter or water pitcher with filter is one of the most affordable filtration systems on the market. It's excellent at ridding your water of chlorine and often contains minerals to increase the Alkaline levels of your water.

The water pitcher filter is compact, and you can store it in your fridge for some refreshing, tasty, clean water.

  • Simple setup and requires no installation
  • Great for use at any part of the apartment
  • Cannot filter significant amounts of water in one go
  • Filter efficiency is not as exceptional as installed water filtration systems

Faucet Filter

If you want a water filter that doesn't require an engineering degree to install, the faucet-mounted water filter is an excellent choice. The water filter allows you to switch between unfiltered and filtered water. However, it has a slow flow rate when using the filter and only works for standard filter types.

  • Simple DIY installation and ideal for renters
  • Affordable
  • It doesn't fit all faucet types
  • Similar effectiveness with pitcher filters and not as good as other installed systems

Countertop Filter

The best thing about countertop water filters is the access to filtered water right from the kitchen sink without altering your plumbing. It's easy to install, and you can take it off the kitchen sink and install it on any standard faucet in your house.

  • Can provide filtered or unfiltered water
  • Most convenient high flow rate water filter
  • May look out of place at home
  • It doesn't work for pull-out sprayers

Under Sink Filter

The under-sink filter is excellent for solid flow rate and long service life. These filters eliminate up to 99% of contaminants, ridding your water of lousy color and smell. However, most require a herculean effort to install, and it's better to hire the services of a professional who will most likely use special tools to modify your plumbing area.

  • High flow rate water filter that is hidden away (under the sink)
  • Limited faucets for drinking filtered water
  • Requires space and altering kitchen plumbing to install
  • Expensive for a professional install and time-consuming for D.I.Y.

Reverse Osmosis Systems

Reverse osmosis or RO filters remove water impurities in multiple stages. They come in various forms, but one thing they all have in common is the R.O. membrane that eliminates 99% of contaminants from your water.

  • 99% filtration efficiency
  • Dedicated faucet for drinkable filtered water
  • Eliminates both bad and good minerals
  • Requires space to install because of the holding tank

Whole House Filters

Whole house systems supply the entire house with filtered water. This filter type is the most expensive of the lot and has a high flow rate, ensuring filtered water on demand.

  • Long service life
  • Often includes water softener
  • Filters all the water entering the apartment
  • May not filter all contaminants, ensuring additional water filters at the point of use
  • A plumber is an absolute must

Things to Look for in the Best Water Filter for Apartment

Are you having difficulty choosing the best water filter for your apartment? The factors below will help you make your mind.


There are many reasons why people use water filters. Some users prefer simple systems to improve the water taste for cooking, making coffee, and drinking. Others want a four or five-stage device to eliminate every single contaminant.

And still, others want something small enough to fit inside the fridge. Whatever your case may be, choose a product that's suitable for your situation.

Filtration Process

Water has various filtration processes, and each type has its benefits and drawbacks. On the list above, you'll find simple pitcher filters that rid your water of heavy metals and T.D.S. with an ultrafiltration membrane.

At the same time, others use UV light treatment together with activated charcoal to eliminate bacteria.

Flow Rate and Filtration Capacity

The flow rate is the gallons per minute (G.P.M.) which is the amount of filtered water you can get from the bathroom or your kitchen tap. Higher flow rates allow you to receive filtered water quicker compared to slow flow rates that keep you waiting.

The filtration capacity signifies how much water the equipment can filter in its lifespan. Some water filters for apartments allow you to change the filter after three to six months. Small water filters often require more frequent replacement.

Installation and Maintenance

Some water filters use push-fit materials, making it a breeze to install, while others require a certified professional not to void the warranty. Additionally, the installation cost, including the price of materials, may eat too deep into your expenses.

I know people who bought water filters and had to throw them away because the parts were too difficult to replace. In some instances, it's more affordable to buy the parts for simple smaller systems compared to complex water filters. Ensure you have adequate information to install and replace the parts for your water filter.


A water filter without a warranty is a red flag. You'll be doing yourself a favor to look at other options. Sometimes, these products fail after a specific time. Ensure you can get a refund or a replacement before you buy.

Water Softening

Some water filter products – mainly whole-house systems often include water softeners that reduce water hardness, including the minerals that cause scaling.


Electricity is necessary for most water filters. Many water filtration systems fail to work without electricity. For instance, UV Filtration systems require electricity to kill bacteria via ultraviolet radiation. Additionally, RO systems use electricity to power the water pressure through the reverse osmosis membrane. Water filters that use activated carbon don't need electricity.

However, the UV and RO systems that require electricity are better and more efficient at removing contaminants that cause waterborne illnesses. These electricity-powered water filter systems take out the good minerals alongside the harmful pollutants, giving alkaline filters the edge.

Wrapping Up…

Having a water filter in your apartments helps eliminate 99% of the bacteria and contaminants that cause diseases like cancer and lead poisoning, amongst many others.

Instead of settling for the potentially contaminated tap water, invest in one of the water filters for apartments listed above.

Whether you need a compact option or one without a tank to fit the smaller apartment dimensions, you can find a water filter to fit your needs.

However, if you want equipment that combines performance with affordability, we recommend the APEC Reverse Osmosis Water filter for your water consumption needs.

Improve your drinking water quality today and consider one of the apartment water filters above.

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