About Dripfina

Water – this vital commodity is essential for life, it makes up around two-thirds of our bodies, and yet we commonly take it for granted!

Whether we’re ignoring the impact of hard water in our homes, letting concerning contaminants leach into our drinking water, or just hurting the ocean with single-use plastic, water is something we could all give a bit more thought to.

And that’s why Dripfina exists. We’re here to solve all your water problems, answer your water questions and maybe drip-feed a little water wisdom too.

Who We Are

Dripfina is built up of a crack team of water experts from all walks of life. Meet the team:

Eric Phillips – Founder

Eric Phillips - Water Quality Treatment Expert

Eric is a Plumber and home repair expert and he’s the Chief Editor here at Dripfina. Eric’s roundabout journey into the world of water started as he traveled the world and saw first-hand the importance of water outside of America.

In the intervening years, he’s worked as a plumber and department store manager. He started Dripfina to share his knowledge with the world. Knowledge is power, and water is life.

I've been featured on Realtor, RealHomes, FamilyHandyMan, ApartmentTherapy, AllRecipes to name a few.

You can follow me on LinkedIn.

Tommy Stricklin – Chief Water Specialist of Springwell Water

Tommy Stricklin from SpringWell Water

Tommy Stricklin is a seasoned veteran in the residential water treatment industry, bringing over two decades of expertise and unparalleled knowledge to the table. As the Chief Water Specialist of Springwell Water, he is dedicated to delivering the best possible water solutions for your home.

You can contact him at tommy@springwellwater.com

Editorial Guidelines

Our reviews take a deep dive into the world of water and we aim to make a splash. If you’ve ever wondered what the process behind our in-depth reviews is, then read on!

How We Make Our Picks

Whether we’re reviewing countertop water filters or whole-house softeners, we boil hundreds of products down to a hot-to-trot top ten. And since we’re really picky, sometimes as few as six or eight make the cut. So how do we pick?

Fortunately, with years in the industry, we’re not starting from scratch. We know the best products of the last few years, and whenever something new comes to market or an old favorite is updated, we compare it to the best of the best.

When we choose the products for our reviews, we’re guided by the following principles:

  • Do we use it, love it, and want to share it with the world?
  • Are customers raving about it?
  • Does it offer value for money?
  • Does it have features and upgrades no other brand can offer?
  • Is it robust, reliable, and durable?

If something comes along that ticks the boxes, you can bet it’s going to be a top pick for our reviews.

How Do We Test?

Unfortunately, we can’t personally test every product. For many systems, you need a whole house to put it through its paces!

Although for many smaller products we have either personal experience using it in our kitchen or we know an industry insider who does, other water filter systems won’t be personally tested.

In those instances, our reviews are built from a combination of industry knowledge, manufacturer information, customer reviews and reports, and, of course, careful expert analysis.

How To Use Our Reviews

Our reviews are designed to bring you the most important information about a range of products, in a readable format. Through a combination of qualitative review, quick-read pros and cons, and a need-to-know bottom line they’ll give you the answer to your searching shopping questions.

We focus on the most important criteria – whether that’s filter media, third-party certification, or super-convenient features, you can bet they’ll be mentioned.

And we look at the installation, long-term maintenance costs, and warranty information to make sure you’ll be getting one of the best deals on the market.

If you’re in a rush, just glance at the bottom line. But if you think the water devil is in the details then take your time to soak it up.

What Is A Buying Guide?

We know that not everyone is coming to the world of water with years of experience. While we know our activated carbon from our KDF, we get that not everyone does. And for some of the products, we review it might be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase,

The Buying Guide gives you the need-to-know variables that will help you make the right choice for your home. From installation and maintenance to compatibility, it should be your first stop before you hit the shops.

And if budget matters to you, the buying guide will give you a ballpark figure. When it comes to finding value for money, the buying guide lets you know what matters.

While our detailed reviews bring you a product on a platter, presented as the “best in its category”, our buying guides help you get to know the market.

Our Data-Driven Research

As well as being passionate about water products – and guiding you to the right choices for your home and family – we’re also passionate about the planet. And when it comes to water, we want to save it in every sense!

That’s why we produce expertly researched and beautifully presented resources about water around the world. Whether it’s ways to save water or a deep dive into the ocean’s plastic problem, we’ve covered it.

Reviews You Can Trust

In short, we aim to be honest and transparent in the way we present our information and totally unbiased in our approach. That’s why we’re upfront about any affiliations we have with a brand, or when our reviewers don’t have first-hand experience with a product they’re recommending.

Every review is expertly researched, totally thorough, and compiled from a combination of personal use, customer reviews and feedback, industry knowledge, and manufacturer information. That’s why these are reviews you can trust.

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