About Us

Hi, I’m Eric, a Plumber, Home Repair Expert and Chief Editor behind Dripfina.

Eric Phillips - Water Quality Treatment Expert

I first became interested in water purification and water safety when I spent a couple of years traveling the world. I not only learned the importance of keeping my own water fresh and pure (yes, sometimes the hard way…) but I also saw how important water is as a resource worldwide.

When I returned to the US, I was lucky enough to land a job in a department store where I sourced and sold appliances, kitchenware, and water accessories and purification systems. It might not sound like much, but I loved it! I got to talk to people about something I was passionate about all day, and I was paid to learn more about it all constantly.

Eventually, that job led to me writing about water purification, and soon after that I started Dripfina. I want everyone to know as much about water as I do, so that we can all live our healthiest lives.

The whole team behind Dripfina is an expert on water and water purification. We spend more time with water accessories and water treatment devices than anywhere else, because we’re just H2O geeks (yeah we know it’s sad)!

Meet The Team Behind Dripfina

Maxine Mitchell | Chef

Maxine Mitchell

I was a dishwasher and a waitress for many years, before working my way through the ranks in the kitchen. I’ve worked in various Mom and Pop style restaurants and cafes, but now I just cook for my family and friends and write professionally about water, food, and kitchen equipment.

Health has always been a priority for me, and that extends to both the recipes I cook and ingredients I love (I’ve always been super fresh-produce forward) and my interest in water purity. Dripfina allows me to explore water filtration and accessories, and help families everywhere to make better health choices when it comes to H2O.

Dean Harris | Contractor & Designer

Dean Harris

I have a background as a general laborer which eventually led to an interest in design. That’s how I met my wife, Alicia, who is an interior designer. We now work together renovating and redesigning properties.

I always loved writing and now I also write for Dripfina, because I know how important water is to health, happiness and lifestyle! From the perfect water filter to an affordable pool, water is a big part of a great home. Of course, I know that’s a privileged way to see it, and from working with Eric I’ve also learned a lot more about water security and sanitation, which have only deepened my passion for the subject.

You’re welcome to get in touch if you have a topic you think I should cover, but we run the site with a small team so please be respectful of the fact that we can’t always respond immediately.

We hope that soon our readers will all become experts on water too, but until then, we’ve got everyone’s back. 

Enjoy Dripfina!